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Silver Lining Timeline

All dates use the Forgotten Realms Calendar.


Pre-Campaign Dates

7-Flamerule-1250: V'yaris Sophis'Tikal is born in Silverymoon* to the noble Sophis'Tikal family.

20-Flamerule-1272: Gladik Chomm is born in Citadel Adbar*.

15-Mirtul-1347: Mitch "Rend" Moondown is born in Baldur's Gate*.


Campaign Dates

1372 Year of Wild Magic

Shieldmeet-1372: Oberon, Gladik, V’yaris, and Alton meet over drinks at Helmer’s Wall.* They learn that Lord Hornblade* is offering unspecified job opportunities.

1-Eleasis-1372: After talking with the lord of Silverymoon*, the adventurers accept a job in which they are to travel through the Moonlands*, north of the Nether Mountains*, and search for orcs and information of their activities. At noon the adventurers are on the road. Only a few miles from Silverymoon* they are attacked by kobolds, yet they survive. In the late afternoon they meet a group of pilgrims of Sune* who claim to have just come from a small town to the north. Just before camping the party encounters an enigmatic elf named Karush, whom they allow to accompany them. The adventurers camp in the wilderness for the night, at the base of the ruins of an old estate.

2-Eleasis-1372: At night, there is an attack on the party by hobgoblins who are living in the cellar of the old estate. The fighting draws the attention of a Snow Tiger*. The party is wounded after the fight, yet they survive.

At four in the morning the party feels a weak earthquake.

It's late morning and they reach the town the Sunites* had spoken of, named Ithil’ich. It is a mining town of mostly dwarven and human inhabitants. The party seeks shelter at the Dusty Gem. Gladik and Oberon return to the ruins of the estate, gather up the store of weapons the hobgoblins had amassed, and return to Ithil’ich in order to sell the items.

3-Eleasis-1372: After selling the weapons to the local militia, the group finds a horse-seller, an elf by the name of Hobreret Jamanes and they negotiate for the horses. The group leans from one of Jamanes’ servents that the elf’s daughter has been kidnapped and that strange things are happening in Ithil’ich. There are rumors that some of the dwarves are selling mithril, from an undisclosed mine, to orcs from the north.

4-Eleasis-1372: The group spends the day looking for information about where the secret mine is and when the mithril is being sold to orcs.

5-Eleasis-1372: In the night, the party sneaks out of Ithil’ich. They reach the mine by 10 pm.

6-Eleasis-1372: As the group watches, dwarves arrive at the mine, as do three orcs on horseback. The orcs hand over several chests to the orcs. The orcs drop a bag of coin in return and ride off. The dwarves don’t appear to be pleased. Circling around the mine, the party tracks the orcs. At 4 am the party a winter wolf attacks the party, yet they survive. The party skins the hide of the beast and then set out to track the orcs again.

Early in the morning it begins to rain. By 3 in the afternoon the rain is washing away all signs of the orcs’ tracks. Yet the party continues to head in the direction of the orcs and make camp by seven in the morning. It has been a long day.

Two hours before midnight a white dragon descends upon the party. The party fights hard against the great beast, yet they survive. It was only a child, but so terrifying was the battle that Gladik refuses, or is unable, to remember anything about the battle. He won’t even acknowledge that there is a dead wyrm in the middle of his camp.

7-Eleasis-1372: The group continues north in search of orcs.

8-Eleasis-1372: In the afternoon the party climbs the ridge of a hill. In the valley below stretches an encampment of orcs, hundreds of them. Amongst them are many ogres and a few giants. A roar rises from somewhere within the camp and the party sees a huge beast, a twenty foot tall demonic minotaur, a Ghour*, fling several orcs over the camp. The group waits for an hour, watching the camp and making notes, then they sneak away to report back to Silverymoon*.

10-Eleasis-1372: Just an hour or so after midnight, an ettin attacks the party, and yet they survive.

11-Eleasis-1372: In the afternoon the party reaches Ithil’ich. The party talks with the Mayor of Ithil’ich and the captain of the guard, Dorodum Barax. Both claim no knowledge of the situation, but seem to be hiding something. Jamanes produces a small amount of mithril for the party to take back as evidence of Ithil’ich’s trade. With their new horses, the party rides hard for Silverymoon* through the night.

12-Eleasis-1372: In the middle of the night ogres ambush the party, yet they survive. After a long night and morning, the party comes to within five miles of the city when they ride upon a pair of dire wolverines. Thankful for the swift steeds, the party escapes, yet surviving once again.

13-Eleasis-1372: The party presents their findings to Lord Hornblade*. Lord Hornblade* and other Silverymoon* aristocrats are surprised not only at the news that dwarves are trading mithril with orcs, but also that this village exists, as none have heard of Ithil’ich. Lord Hornblade* is worried but other matters press him, as rumors are abounding that Luskan* and Mirabar* wish to unify their domains and that Amn* is preparing for war against Tethyr* despite the monstrous occupation of Murann*. Also, a schism is occurring within Silverymoon* over whether the Silvermarches* should focus more on military build-up or mercantile trade. Lord Hornblade* tells the party that he will inform them of what he plans to do next as soon as he is able to. The party also learns that Waterdeep* was struck by a powerful earthquake on the 2nd of this month. 80% of the Dock Ward* and South Ward* have been destroyed, and avalanche of rock crushed the northern portion of Castle Ward* under Mount Waterdeep*. Though most buildings in the Sea Ward* withstood the earthquake, a fire erupted in the center of the ward and cut a swath southward destroying many buildings in its path. The walls still stand around the city but nearly 20% of the population is killed.

While leaving the palace, Oberon is invited to a party held by his old mentor, Morgan Devonshire, tomorrow evening. The invitation extends to his companions.

While enjoying drinks at Helmer's Wall, Gladik becomes upset at talk about the white dragon, when Alton produces the scale to prove that the event happened, Gladik storms upstairs. Even worse, V'yaris becomes distressed at finding dirt under his fingernails. Yet they survive.

14-Eleasis-1372: At the Devonshire party, the group meets many notables of Silverymoon*: Moglet, a professor at Silverymoon’s* Arkhen’s Invocatorium* and former teacher of Oberon’s; Jours Azurmantle* the leader of Silverymoon’s* Spellguard*; Songmaster Beldor Thrivein* the High Cleric of the Hall’s of Inspiration*; Lorelord Ormast Keldellyn* of Everdusk Hall*; Ladyservent Tathshandra Tyrar* of Mielikki’s Glade; High Moommistriss Shalyssa Lurialar* of the Temple of Silver Stars*; Loremaster Vadalathra Rivermantle of Everdusk Hall*; Yaquien a noble visiting from her estates near Sundabar*; Lormilae Shalinthra a professor at the Lady’s Collage*; two paladins of Silverymoon who had come from defeating a white dragon in the Silverymoon Pass* a few weeks ago; and V’yaris’ parents to name a few. The party spends the evening discussing the recent rumors as well as whether Nesme* should be brought into the Silvermaches* and whether the increase of ex-Zhentish* population in the region is a threat.

16-Eleasis-1372: The party heads back for Ithil’ich. Before noon they encounter a grizzly bear, yet they survive.

17-Eleasis-1372: The party reaches Ithil’ich. The group confronts Mayor Kelbren Ithil’ich and Captain of the Guard, Dorodum Barax. The confrontation nearly comes to violence, but the party, being surrounded by town guardsmen, take their leave of Ithil’ich. Before they leave they express their hopes to Jamanes of returning to help him rescue his daughter.

18-Eleasis-1372: V’yaris’ sister is kidnapped in the late evening while she is walking near the Star Court with a suitor.

19-Eleasis-1372: Around three in the morning, trolls attack the party. Yet they survive.

Two hours later, a hill giant walks into their camp, but takes little interest in the party.

After breaking camp and traveling for a few hours the mounted orcs attack the party. As the orcs rides upon the party, Gladik stands ready to parlay. The leader of the orcs, a powerful female with her hair braided in one long lock, rides by Gladik and cuts a braid of the dwarf’s own hair for herself. Battle ensues, but after only a little combat, the orcs back off as if to say, “don’t come back.”

Around noon a light rainstorm begins.

By two in the afternoon the party reaches Silverymoon*, they wait for an audience with Lord Hornblade*, when they finally get to see the Lord, they are informed that V’yaris’ sister, Vinya, has been kidnapped. The party meets with the Sophis’tikal family. V’yaris’ parents relate to the group what they know about the kidnapping which isn’t much, but that other elven children, all post-adolescent, were kidnapped the same day in Silverymoon* and one from Quaervarr* only a few days ago. The party asks for assistance in searching magically for V’yaris’ sister, but all divination attempts fail.

As the party fitfully sleeps the rainstorm turns to a light drizzle.

20-Eleasis-1372: Searching for information on the kidnapping, the group meets Lorana, an owner of a small shop of magical wares in the Market of Silverymoon*. She informs the party that a ranger, by the name of Dolthan, had been in the city, near where the kidnapping had taken place on the 19th. She also explains that he had a wagon and a few other strange folk accompanying him and that he left the city early on the morning after the kidnapping by way of the Sundabar Gate* towards Everlund*. Lorana tells them that Dolthan often spends his time in the village of Jalanthar* near the Moon Pass*.

By four in the afternoon, the drizzle gains strength and it begins to rain again.

21-Eleasis-1372: The party heads out for Everlund* in the rain, in search of the kidnappers. The party camps under a rock overhang to escape the continuing rainstorm. As night falls, a barbazu devil attacks the party. It toys with the party malevolently, but the group is able to corner it, and kill it, and yet the survive. Among the creature’s belongings, it had a wooden box. Inside the box are three masks made of the faces of three dwarven brothers. On the foreheads of the masks are burnt the names of the dwarves in Infernal; Numorik, Alkrok, and Faintun, who were paladins from Sundabar*. Also included in the devil’s equipment is a longsword who explains who the dwarves were and claims to have been the weapon of Numorik. The longsword proclaims that its name is Sypae and wishes to return to Sundabar*.

22-Eleasis-1372: Not six hours after the devil attacked the group, rain drenched ogres find the party’s camp. They attack, yet the group survives. Later that day, the party sees a herd of deer in the rain.

23-Eleasis-1372: In the afternoon the rain soaked party reaches Everlund*. The party meets with Yeshelne Amrallatha*, high priest of Corellon Larethain to discuss the kidnappings. Yeshelne* is not sure who is taking the elven children, her divinations have failed as well, but she informs the party that several children were kidnapped from Everlund* just the day before and that the Fey’ri* have been active in the area for some time. She allows V’yaris access to her temple’s library to research the Fey’ri*. V’yaris gains much information on the vile House Dlardrageth*. Mean while, Oberon returns the longsword, Sypae, and the vile masks, to the temple of Moradin, and receives the dwarves’ thanks.

In the evening, the party meets outside the elven temple in the rain and heads towards their lodgings. Along the way disguised fey'ri attack them. The fighting is vicious, and one of the three demonfey* escapes, yet the party survives.

Learning what they can during the evening, the party discovers that Dalton had set out the day before for Jalanthar*.

24-Eleasis-1372: The party wakes to find it still raining. Returning to the elven temple in the early morning, the party asks Yeshelne* if she has any magic that can help them in their fight to save the kidnapped children. Yeshelne* offers to teleport the party to Jalanthar, so they may travel from there towards Everlund* and meet up with Dalton and his hostages. Just after nine in the morning the party arrives in Jalanthar* and begin walking back towards Everlund* in the thick mud of the trail.

25-Eleasis-1372: Just before midnight, the party is ambushed by Nesme* bandits, yet they survive. The two leaders of the human bandits submit to the party during the battle and are released to the rain swept wilderness after learning that the bandits wished only to steal food and provisions to take back to their families in Nesme* (over 300 miles away).

26-Eleasis-1372: Before noon, the rain-soaked party reaches the summit of a small hill while on the trail towards Everlund*. To their left, in the distance, they can just make out the rising banks of the river Rauvin*. In the overflowing streambed below they spot several deer. As the party watches quietly for a few moments in the tranquil rain, the deer become tense and alert, their ears raised and twisting as if homing in on something. In a split second the deer scatter. As the last disappears down the stream, a wagon rises to the top of the hill opposite the party. Three elves, two armed and armored, walk beside the wagon, while a elf and what looks to be a hunchbacked dwarf ride on top. V’yaris casts defensive spells and the party attacks.

The fighting is tough but Gladik quickly kills one of the elves, spilling it’s innards upon the earth. The rest of the elves reveal themselves as fey’ri*. The hunchback appears mad, talking in an unintelligible tongue, and leaping about with its greataxe, running around the wagon. As the fighting continues, the hunchback finds the first of the fallen fey’ri and horrifically joyful, he picks up an end of the exposed intestine of his fallen comrade and chases Gladik around the wagon, he leaps at Gladik as he bursts into flames, which ignites the demon-gut and sends the fallen fey’ri up in a shroud of flames in addition to buring Gladik. As another of the demonfey* falls, Dalton, the mad hunchbacked dwarf, and the third fey’ri take flight. As they fly away they make use of their teleportation ability to evade the party’s search. And yet, once again, the party survives.

Opening the back of the cage-like wagon the party discover the kidnapped elves in a fog enshrouded stupor. Seeing that they are unharmed, and apparently nourished through magic, the party leaves them inside and heads back for Everlund* in the seemingly never ending rain.

At 1 in the afternoon, just an hour after the attack, the party passes another group of adventures led by a charismatic, though quite ludicrous, human who calls himself ‘Poo’. They exchange news. The party learns that Everlund* is experiencing mild flooding near the river banks, and quickly leave the silly group behind.

At 2:44 in the afternoon, a strange magical pulse is felt by V’yaris and to a lesser extent the other members of the party. Birds for as far as the party can see on this warm and rainy day take to the sky. The party is later to learn that this event signaled the birth of the Deathson, god-child of Kelemvor* and Mystra*.

An hour later, the party encounters textile merchants on their way to Sundabar* by way of the Moon Pass*. They seem unaware of the strange magical pulse earlier but they are greatly disturbed by the rain that has not let up since the 19th.

Just after dark, as the party settles in their not-dry-enough camp, a lone troll attacks the group, yet they survive.

27-Eleasis-1372: The party see deer early in the morning before they head back out on the muddy trail. The party aggress that in addition to hiding its contents from divination, the wagon must have magics that allow it to travel well in such weather.

28-Eleasis-1372: Early in the morning the party is awakened by elk calls in the rain. Just after ten in the morning, the party runs into a mountain torrent, it takes them half an hour to travel upstream to find a place where they’re able to cross the raging waters. Late that evening, the party notices something watching them in the rain shrouded darkness. What ever it is it seems content at letting them alone.

29-Eleasis-1372: Late in the rain drenched afternoon, the party reaches the flooding city of Everlund*. The damage is being contained, though the river has risen nearly ten feet from it’s normal level. The party returns the Everlund* elven children, and buy supplies. Having accompanied the party thus far, Oberon and Alton express their wishes to return to Jalanthar* in order to help the rangers there. V’yaris and Gladik agree that they are needed there, with the fey’ri seeming to be using the village as a base of operations. V”yaris Gladik, and Karush buy equipment, and meet Mitch “Rend” Moondown, a human, and a self proclaimed ‘entrance-exit expert’ who is looking to get out of Everlund* (something about a sheep’s stomach a tanner’s daughter and an angry tanner) and head away from there, in a good direction. While somewhat wary of the personable human, the group accepts Rend’s company.

30-Eleasis-1372: Early in the morning the group heads out in the never-ending rain for Silverymoon*.

1-Eleint-1372: Around noon the party sees branta* wallowing in the high banks of the river Rauvin*.

2-Eleint-1372: Only a few hours of breaking camp, the party reaches a flooding Silverymoon*. As the party nears the city, they are able to make out many campfires outside the city, near Rauvinwatch Keep*. Entering Silverymoon the party finds that the river’s banks have also risen over ten feet above its normal level for the year and many citizens, especially many women, are helping setting up sandbags to keep back the flooding from the majority of the city.

The party finds the city in a subdued panic. Aside from the flooding, the party learns from Lord Hornblade that Luskan* and Mirabar have allied with one another under the national banner of Illuskan* and that the camps outside Rauvinwatch Keep* are thousands of men waiting to enlist in the Argent Legion*, the Silver Marches'* standing army, out of fear that Luskan is positioning itself to use the new nation to attack the Silver Marches*. Lord Hornblade* expresses to the party that while he doesn’t want the Argent Legion rank’s to swell, and possibly sending the wrong message to Illuskan*, he may have to enlist the men in order to send aid to the flooding villages and towns of the Silver Marches*.

The party returns V’yaris’ sister to her parents and buy supplies for their trip to return the last two elven children to Quaervarr*.

3-Eleint-1372: The party sets out for Quaervarr* in the morning. While partly cloudy, the rain has stopped, and it promises to be a warm day (for the North). Only an hour outside the city, on the road to the Moonwood*, the party finds the Dire Wolverines that they ran from on the 12th of the last month, yet the party survives. Soon after, the party encounters a small group of bugbears. The fighting goes well for the party, and the leader of the bugbears, Jorgo asks for mercy. The party lets him go, and yet they survive.

That night at camp and ogre enters the camp and sits down before anyone notices him. He introduces himself as Abarax and begins talking to them about trolls and that he has been hunting trolls for a few days. He shares some food and ale with the party, then heads out in search of his prey.

4-Eleint-1372: Just after one in the morning, Gladik notices lights flickering in the low clouds above accompanied by thunder. They appear sporadically, moving nearly overhead, when the awakened party realizes that the thunder is actual the roaring of beasts. There is a final flicker, a terrible roar, and then a white dragon falls from the sky. It lands nearly in the party’s camp. The wyrm is bloody, wounded in many places, and is mad with rage. Quickly it gains its bearings and attacks the party in a frenzy. As the group engages, they notice that the beast’s scales are a dark black around the edges, almost as if the dragon is diseased. Realizing the party’s strength, the dragon takes flight and begins attacking from the air. Seeing the wizard, V’yaris, hiding behind a rocky outcropping, the dragon lands atop the rock and belches forth a cone of its freezing breath upon the elf. From behind, the dragon is hit with a critical blow. It looses its balance and lands on top of the wizard. Before the other members of the party can reach the two, the dragon scrambles to its feet and takes flight, retreating into the night, and yet the party survives.

Before noon, the party reaches the outskirts of the Moonwood*, where they encounter an ettin that is rummaging through the spoils of a slain merchant caravan. The party attacks and quickly dispatches the creature, yet surviving once again.

As evening falls the party becomes worried, as they should have reached Quaervarr* before dark. Late that night the party finally decides to make camp.

5-Eleint-1372: Following the road further into the Moonwood*, the party decides that something is amiss, as after six more hours of travel they still have not reached the village. Just after noon the party rounds a bend in the forest and find that the trail leads right up to a strange door at the base of a cliff. The party stands debating what to do, where they are, and which way lies Quaervarr. After several minutes of going back and forth on whether to turn back or investigate the door, Rend hears whispers in his ear; a voice speaking sylvan says, “You should open the door.” Smiling, Rend gets to work. Finding the door trapped, Rend disables it, and unlocks the door. Inside they find a long corridor where goblins attack them from side rooms. Fighting their way through, the party comes to another locked door. Rend sets to pick the lock but trips a trap and falls down a pit. The pit slides Rend into a larger circular pit on the other side of the door, where from the center of the pit rises a central floor some forty feet above. From ether side of the central raised floor, hundreds of rats begin scrambling towards the entrance-exit expert. Thinking quickly, Gladik consumes a potion and then flies down the pit-trap and brings Rend to a balcony on the other side of the locked door. From the balcony leads a rope and wood bridge to the central raised floor, where an imp begins hurtling spells at the two. Rend opens the door from the other side as Gladik takes to the air and engages the small devil. As the two fight, Rend, Karush and V’yaris lend their support from the ground. Soon the imp falls to the ground dead, the party yet surviving. On the raised floor, the party finds an alter and a cage holding several young pixie children. After freeing the pixies, who begin braiding everyone’s hair (except Karush, who’s bald, which is very annoying and not a lot of fun so the pixies don’t think much of him even though he’s a bald elf which is very strange so they start to inspect him but then he doesn’t have any hair to braid, so it’s all very annoying), the party loots the imps lair and head back outside. Once there they find that the magical wagon, with the two elven children, is missing. Yet pixies begin to appear everywhere, all overly excited at having their children returned, and they inform the party that for the past day and a half the party has left, unknowingly, their wagon with the pixies in their village as the pixies led them to the lair of the imp Aejetle. Once back at the pixie village, Jog Horse-Fist the Sapling King, extends his thanks to the party and explains that he learned of the group’s rescuing of the elven children and thought that the party could do the same for his village. A magnificent party is thrown for the adventurers and the returned children. At some point in the revelry, Rend introduces the pixies to the delights of coffee. The party quickly learns that hyper pixies are more fearsome than normal pixies as the party’s braids are braided, their equipment strewn out amongst the village in order to “gain the power that power gains from the winding- river- of- power- in- the- forest- of- our- home- where- you- are- now- enjoying- our- party- are- you- enjoying- our- party- I- hope- you- are- it- is- a- power- full- party- don’t- you- think- you- think- we- could- get- more- coffee- its- good- though- it- needs- honey- honey’s- good- good- with- coffee- don’t- you- think- your- equipment- is- gaining- power- can’t- you- feel- it- it’s- real- forest- frenzy- power- of- the- pixies- like- the- coffee- I- like- the- coffee- yes- please- more- coffee!” Yet, the party survives.

6-Eleint-1372: In the afternoon the party wakes up. There are many things braided in their hair, and in the horses’ hair, and in their cloths, and on their equipment, but the party doesn’t seem to notice right away.

With final thanks, the party heads out for Quaervarr*, to which the pixies happily point the correct way. Near four in the afternoon, the party reaches the village, only to find it being besieged by skeletons and zombies. Above the undead a goblin flies, lobbing spells and insults at the villagers behind the walls. With a few members of the village’s militia who stood outside defending the gates, the party quickly dispatches the undead, and yet survives. The goblin retreats above the forest canopy.

The adventurers return the elven children to their families and talk with the townsfolk about the undead attack. The towns folk have a hard time not laughing in the heroes faces, faces with braided hair and silly ribbons tied about their cloths and equipment. The party now begins to notice the pixie-make-over. Talking to the mayor, they learn that a goblin necromancer has been at work in the forest for nearly two weeks, but today was the largest assault encountered. The party also learns that a “stone devil” has been killing lumberjacks to the north and the village thinks that the two may be connected, but that the “goblin necromancer” seems to be coming from the east. A ranger from the town, Rebrek Tallowhair, set out to find the goblin necromancer, but has not returned for over ten days. The party decides to stay the night at the Whistling Stag*, where Rend seduces (or is he seduced?) by one of the barmaids.

7-Eleint-1372: Late in the morning, the party heads out north, in search of the “stone devil.” Late in the evening the party comes across several Uthgardt* scouts. While there is a tension between the two groups, they share information about the possible troubles in the forest, but the Uthgardt* have not seen a “stone devil” or a “goblin necromancer.”

8-Eleint-1372: While finding many branta* tracks, the party finds no evidence of either of their pray.

9-Eleint-1372: Early in the morning the party is attacked by an orc warband. Lead by barbarians and using a dire boar, the orcs rush the party in the fog. It’s hard fighting in the forest. In the end the dire boar and 13 orcs lay dead, and yet the party survives.

In the morning the party sets out again. Late in the afternoon the party is beckoned by a dryad. Warily, the group talks with her. She tells them that for a lock of hair from each of them, she will give them information about what they seek. All but V’yaris decline. After giving her a lock of his hair, the dryad refuses to give any information, “It was all or none.” Frustrated, the party leaves the woodland fey. An hour later V’yaris hears the dryad’s voice in his ear, “For you who gave me such a prize, a portion I shall relate. It is the goblin necromancer that you seek, and so you should now head south. The stone devil acts alone and is of little concern.” V’yaris whispers his thanks but then the ethereal voice adds, “And one more thing. Thank you for killing those orcs. They were delicious.” After that the voice is gone. Gladik turns to the elf and says, “Why, V’yaris? Why are you sweating?”

10-Eleint-1372: Early in the morning, V’yaris is on watch. He studies his spellbook intently by the soft glow of a light spell. A voice booms slowly from above him, “” Not wanting to make any sudden motion, V’yaris replies, “my spellbook.” The voice replies, “Ohhh.” V’yaris looks up to see a treant behind and looming over him. Relaxing, V’yaris and the Treant, named Kerngk, begin talking. The treant informs the elf that there are not any dryads nearby, but that a “wretched hag, who calls herself Ijetse, lives back that way.” Gladik awakes, sees the treant and says, "Why, V'yaris, it is only a treant. Why are you sweating?"

Still looking for the goblin necromancer’s hold, the party camps for the night. Just after dinner, Uteres Zodawo, the great and powerful paladin, reveals himself to the party. "I thank you for saving the children of my village, now I will bring my sharp and pointy blade to the battles you seek, for a pixie is powerful but a pixie paladin is the paragon of powerfull-ish-ness!" Despite being within arms reach of the paladin, the party is filled with a fear and dread at having a pixie paladin in their midst.

11-Eleint-1372: Once again, on V’yaris’ watch, a hill giant attacks the party. It is rough fighting, and yet, the party survives. Uteres is now convinced of the party’s ability to hold themselves in battle. The party is even more worried about the paladin as after V’yaris asked, “why did you not turn yourself invisible?” Uteres responded, “What! Invisible! That is not the way of Honor, of Truth, a paladin seeks not to be sneaky and unseen, a paladin stands in bright glowing glory before his ghastly enemies so that they may shutter, and cower, and bow, and grow weak-in-the-knees, and wobble, and waver, and not be to-sure-of-themselves, and worry, and fear, yes and Fear! The mighty opponent that stands un-invisible before them!”

In the afternoon a green dragon assaults the party. Breath and fang against steel and spell. The fighting goes badly for the party as the wyrm constantly slaps Gladik’s blades from the dwarf’s hands. Yet through magic, and well placed thrusts by Rend, the beast finally falls and the party survives. Looking over the hill that the battle took place on, the party sees a deep pool below. Swimming down the party finds a half submerged cave where the creature kept its horde.

That night, as the party rests, a large boar rushes the camp. In its first attack, the boars mouth distends from is muzzle and darts out, as if the whole mouth of the creature is an extended muscle, and snatches at the adventurers. Its tail is barbed and poisonous, yet Gladik’s dwarven blood resists the creatures toxins. Finally the beast is dropped, and yet the party survives.

Later that night, wolves circle the camp but stay their distance.

12-Eleint-1372: The party comes upon a house that rests up against a short cliff at the base of a small hill. The bare earth before the dwelling gives the party the impression that the house was dragged from its original location to the base of the cliff. Peering through breaks in the boarded up windows the party sees skeletons and zombies in the shadowy room. Entering, the party attacks the undead. They have found the lair of the goblin necromancer. As they fight their way in, they find that the dwelling tunnels into the hill. They come to large double doors that lead into a natural cavern. At an alter, by a stagnant pool, the goblin necromancer screams out and directs his wights to attack. The goblin flees down a long tunnel. The party destroys the wights, and give chase to the necromancer. Down the long tunnel they descend and come upon a small room. Along its far wall is a row of three coffins. Leading the two vampire spawn is the ranger that disappeared from Quaervarr* well over a week ago and now a vampire under the command of the goblin necromancer. As the fighting reaches a frenzied peak, the goblin necromancers reveals its true form, that of a devil, like an imp only larger and covered in burning spikes. Uteres does much smiting but is slain by the vampire. Fighting hard, the heroes destroy the undead and slay the devil. The devil, as it's dying, mentally speaks, "You'll never get out!" Yet again, the party survives. The party finds amongst the chests in the cave, two letters written in Illuskan:


Your endevours are appreciated. The project is growing beautifully though I understand your frustration at not knowing the whole of it. This is not the best way to communicate, as we know, but dealing as we are we must resort to base methods. I will visit when my other works give me the opportunity.

(signed) N


Your lack of response has been noted. Such derelict acts are not acceptable. Should you fail to respond, you leave me with no other choice. Should reasons for you silence be stronger than my will may you find your head under the Angmrok stone.

(signed) N

There are two other tunnels leading out of the room. The party decides to return to the surface to rest. They travel down the exit tunnel and realize that it is now longer that what it had been. Searching the walls, they come to the conclusion that they must have walked through a one-way portal. Returning to the ‘goblin’s’ room, the party scouts the other two tunnels. The first seems to have no end. The other tunnel opens into another room. Along the far wall there is signs of recent excavation where a large double door, closed and beautifully embossed, is revealed behind the natural rock:

Along the sides of the wall are runes written in Draconic;

Left Column:

---- --- ------ dare the room of Ilmanrith. As is true and righteous the four ‘Heads’ are for none but the rightful rulers of Nothrondlin who fled from the men of the north, the Melgrekki.

--- ---- four together may unseal these doors. King Fethmeln who’s blade is knock, King Es’hemel who’s mind ‘turns/transforms’ the bolt, King Inlingmeh who’s piety blesses the way and King Lluln who’s fingers are the key.

--- sayeth the Grand Vizir of Nothrondlin, Protector of the ‘Heads’, humble servant of the Four Kings and Keeper of the Relda’ren Lore, Ilmanrith Hulneir in the 38th year of the Unification, in the 2nd year of the Melgrekki invasion.

Right Column:

In the 36th year of the Unification the men of the north, the Melgrekki of the ---- ------, --- upon Nothrondlin. They swept our villages and many were turned toward them in favor but our Kings united and fought for our homes.

In the 37th year of the Unification the Melgre--- --- taken all but our City Evelthedlin in the east. I, Ilmanrith, advised the kings to flee with their ‘Heads’ until the day come that they many retake their lands in a new age of glory.

We took to the mountains and there the Four kings divided. Lluln to the north towards the Burning Sea, Es’hemel to the east towards ‘diminutive’ lands, Inlingmeh to the western jungles and Fethmeln when back to rally his men. Four were the Gems of each of the Sarcred ‘Heads’ and each king took his share.

Contemplating the runes they rest. Gladik inspects the caverns and comes to the conclusion that the party is deep, deep underground, “Miles.”

13-Eleint-1372: When they awake, the party finally decides to try and open the door. Rend will pick the lock, while Gladik swings at it with his sword, Karush is to channel the energy of his god at the door, and V’yaris will cast knock upon it. Upon doing this, the door swings open.

Entering the columned room, the party’s minds are assaulted by a voice, “Who dare’s open my prision!” Stepping from the shadows a horrific demon emerges. The stench of death and decay surrounds this powerfully built ram-headed humanoid. A reddish bristly fur covers its satyr-like legs and lower body. Demonic bat-like wings extend from its back and putrid green steam rises from its flared nostrils. Bright glowing yellow eyes gleam from deep skull-like sockets upon a bull-like head. Swift is the fiends attacks and hard pressed are the heroes. Bloody and battered, the adventurers finally defeat the beast, and yet they survive. At the far end of the chamber is a dais with a stone table against the wall. Upon it, rests four crowns. Each of the four adventurers take the crown that “feels most fitting” for them. Once on their heads, the crowns change shape to that of a desired cap, helm or diadem. Immediately the party realizes they can project their thoughts for the others to hear.

With Gladik picking the best tunnel, the party heads out into the Underdark*.1

14-Eleint-1372: After having traveled and rested in the Underdark*, the party comes upon two stone giants, Zekeh and Geshep, who are scouts for a nearby village named Goldrock in the giant tongue. The giants offer the party a chance to buy provisions and rest there. The group accepts.

At Goldrock, the party is introduced to the village elder, Jolush Nar. Nar offers the home of a recently killed stone giant to the party where they can rest in relative safety. The party stays with the stone giants for three more days, where they rest and study the letters, notes, and magic that they haven’t had the time to examine.

16-Eleint-1372: In the middle of their rest, the village of Goldrock is attacked by beholders, three of the village guards are killed, several wounded, but the beholders are killed.

19-Eleint-1372: The party leaves Goldrock with Zekeh as a guide who stays with the party for a ‘day’.

20-Elient-1372: The party encounters an aboleth. The creature is alone and was surprised by the group. After the party defeats the creature, they travel only a little further to sleep.

Just as the party is about to eat breakfast, an umber hulk burrows into the cavern. The fighting is hard, yet none succumb to the beast’s confusion.

22-Eleint-1372: Just after lunch, the party is ambushed by a duergar raiding party. All the dark dwarves are killed with little loss to the party.

23-Eleint-1372: The party ambushes two umber hulks in a room where a natural shaft descends into the deep. After the beasts are slain, the party looks down the shaft. Though natural in its formation, there are carved holds that allow one to descend as if on a ladder. The party, in wishing to find the surface, heads down a side passage.

24-Eleint-1372: Just after dinner, as half the party settles in to sleep, a gold elf happens upon their camp. She is a radiant beacon of beauty in the hostile dark. She informs the party that her name is Jaqaneth and that she, and her party, had been fighting drow in the caverns of southern Turmish. Her party was slain in one of the battles and she became lost only to find herself deep underground by way of a portal. She offers her bardic services to the party which accepts.

In the ‘morning’ as the party is breaking camp, they are ambushed, through the walls, by wraiths. While easily dispatched, the party begins the day low on spells and within an hour’s travel, they are attacked by drow and a half-demon servant. The fighting is hard, but the madness of the priestess of Lolth, and her loss of spells, turns the tide and the party is triumphant.

The party rests than ‘evening’ by an underground river. In the night, from the other side of the river, a destrachan ambushes the party. While initially shaken, the party survives.

25-Eleint-1372: Only a few hours after breakfast the party is overcome by thousands upon thousands of centipedes. While difficult, the party survives and soon finds the lair of the destrachan. The party then travels for several more hours before stopping for rest.

26-Eleint-1372: The party wakes and travels for another ‘day’. The sleep undisturbed through the night. After an hour of travel the party is attacked by several undead including a greater shadow. Hard fought, the party survives and travels down a corridor only to find it opening into a large cavern with a small, fortified, hamlet before them. Appearing before them, an illithid ghost ‘smiles’ and says, “Welcome to Normul. I am Seqatheyz. Allow me to bring you to the city.”

The party finds that Normul is an undead ‘city’ of no more than 400 souls and that to enter the city, mortals must successfully kill the guards that block entry to the city who, in this case, was the greater shadow and it’s ghast minions. Normul is tentatively lead by Engezad, a gold dwarf lich cleric of Vergadain. But the undead gold dwarves’ power is checked by three other churches, one of the orc god Yurtus which is lead by Geshvu an orcish vampire, one of Yeenoghu, led by the gnoll lich Logeki, and one of Velsharoon, lead by the greater shadow Anouth and has only incorporeal followers. Rival to the churches is the undead duergar clan led by Tlonich a expert craftsman and wight.

The party has an meeting with Engezad where they learn that the lich wishes to open up formal trade and relations with a major city some two weeks away. The other city, Klorelen, is lead by Etlora Usomine, a half-marilith half-drow queen who’s hatrid of Lolth and her followers is well known. Engezad, not wanting the undead druergar of Normul to get a monopoly on trade with Klorelen, hires the party to deliver his request and wishes to Queen Etlora. The party agrees to help the lich. They spend three days at Normul selling items to the small mage’s guild and getting enchantments on some of their equipment.

29-Eleint-1372: The party heads out for Klorelen. Just after lunch they are ambushed by a roper. It is tough fighting, especially for V’yaris, but in the end the group survives. Sometime during the fight Rend disappeared. Whether something got him in the tunnels or he turned another way is unknown.

During dinner the party discovers a bubbling portal to the Elemental Plane of Earth. In the middle of the party’s sleep, an Imaskari* ranger happens upon their camp. The meeting goes peacefully and the party invites the Imaskari, Anciano by name, into their group.

30-Eleint-1372: Getting a quick taste of what being a part of this group is like, the party is ambushed by devils just two hours after having set out again. It’s difficult fighting, but the barbazu are slain and the bone devil leading them retreated. During the battle, Karush had summoned a Hound Archon, Ethael, that agrees to see the party to the safety of the surface.

Not an hour and a half later the party is attacked by Mind Flayers. The party gets the surprise on the feeding fiends and quick chases them off into the planes.

Two hours after that, the party encounters two Dao, Sik’ka and Koptan, who are sitting in a large cavern having lunch. The party is invited to sit and talk and the characters learn that the Dao are from Klorelen. Sik’ka offers to return the party to the surface if they fulfill one year of servitude. The players decline.

Later that evening, as the party is asleep save for those on watch, a deepspawn leading several trolls attacks the group. The party survives by using dimension door to escape the small room they were in and then sealed the rock with other magics.

1-Marpenoth-1372: Just after dinner the party is attacked by umber hulks. After the creatures are slain, many of the party members begin suffering from bad dreams but they pass by morning.

Just before lunch the party runs into a wall that blocks the under-road that they have been swiftly traveling on. After a second it begins to slide past and the group realizes it is a purple worm.

2-Marpenoth-1372: A few hours after lunch the party encounters and defeats a behir.

In the middle of the night a stone giant hunter happens upon the group. They talk for only a half an hour or so but the stone giant has to be on his way to hunt behir, and is grateful of learning the location of the one the party had just killed earlier that evening.

3-Marpenoth-1372: Slaadi attack the group in a large cavern. The fighting is difficult but the party defeats them.

Just after turning in for the evening, Etha’el feels the presence of evil coming from down the outside passage from where the party is camped. Mostly alerted, the party is ready for the beholder that attacks. It is a fierce battle, Gladik is almost disintegrated, but the fight is won.

After breakfast the party heads out. Three hours later they are ambushed by orog hunters.

Not two hours after the intense orog battle, the party is attacked by yugoloths. This battle draws the attention of nearby sword spiders. The party deals with each side well and manages to have to fight only one at a time.

4-Marpenoth-1372: Several hours after the fight with the yugoloths, the party happens upon a small gold-dwarf village named Daerun. There the dwarves mine iron, copper, and some small gems and trade with the city of Klorelen. The party stays the night at the small tavern there and then heads back out on the road.

Just after lunch the party is ambushed by 3 ilithids. Only one is slain, the other two escape to the planes.

5-Marpenoth-1372: Just over an hour from breakfast, the party encounters another beholder. This time, however, the beholder, Orglum, seems more paranoid than anything. As long as the party “stays away from my wall there is no fight.” The party ‘respects’ the mad beholder’s wishes and there is no fight.

Two hours later the party reaches the gats of Klorelen. Once inside, the party is attacked by Zyzil and his ogre and drow followers. The fight looks bad for the group, yet Gladik manages to destroy the left eye of Zyzil with his sword, which turns the tide. V’yaris manages to telekinetically grapple Zyzil as he tries to escape. The party pins him and allows him to live after he promises not to attack the party again.

The party meets with Queen Etlora, half drow, half marilith, cleric of the drow goddess of vengance. Her two viziers, one a Mulhorandi, the other a Glabrezu, watch carefully as the party is subjected to various magical scryings. Etlora asks if the party was aware that they had been Geased, but that the spell was now gone. They were not. Eltora informs them, that for various bits of information, she would agree to send them back to Silverymoon*, but she would need over a tenday for her wizards to prepare.

After meeting with the queen, the party explores much of Klorelen. V’yaris drags the party to the Djinni library, where he begins a mad search for spells to purchase for his spellbook. Gladik begins looking for information on the Crowns of Nothrondlin and Anciano searches for information on the surface. After realizing that they, especially V’aryis, do not have enough money to purchase their scrolls from the library, they head out to the markets to sell the treasures they have accumulated during their Underdark* travels from Normul.

8-Marpenoth-1372: Around midnight, Karush wakes the other three crown bearers with the alert that he is being attacked. V’yaris does not respond to the mental summons. The party scrambles as they wake Jaqanath and alert Ethael. As the party enters the hallway between the rooms, several goblins appear out of thin air and begin hampering the party’s movements. Gladik finds V’yaris alive but robbed of his crown. When the rest of the party reaches Karush, they find him, and Ethael, fighting a powerful quasit thief. After Karush had shed much blood, the party manages to capture the demon. After some persuading, the creature relates that he was hired by a Jann who, in turn, was hired by some other demon unknown to the quasit. The quasit is then handed over to the innkeeper, a Bladsinger* of no small skill, who had been securing the rest of the inn from the tens of goblins that had appeared on every floor.

Not wishing to hamper their chances at returning to Silverymoon*, the party lies low for several days. V’yaris is busy scribing his newly bought spells into his spellbooks, Gladik spends his time with the gold dwarves of the city, especially the weavers, learning what innovations to the trade they employ, Anciano seeks out the Imaskari* district of the city, meets with some of the elders and exchanges information while accepting the a role as an understudy to soon to be produced Imaskari* play, Jaqanath visits many of the smaller, local, taverns learning what things she can of the shadows of Klorelen, while Karush and Ethael find a small shrine to Savras* where they spend time learning secrets from the old cleric who keeps watch there.

18-Marpenoth-1372: In the morning, Queen Etlora’s wizards teleport the party back to Silverymoon*. Due to the Mythal* of the city, Etlora can only send them as close as three miles from the city. Appearing in the mud of the road along the River Rauvin*, V’yaris quickly casts fly and several prestidigitations to clean his boots. By nine-thirty the party reaches the gates. Once they present themselves to the guards they are recognized for who they are and had been thought dead in the Moonwood*, save Jaqaneth, Anciano, and Ethael (who is in his canine form), who are all new to the city. Rumors spread quickly of Gladik, V’yaris and Karush’s return and many view this as good tidings in dark times.

The party reaches V’yaris’ parents house where they are invited in and served an early lunch. The party learns that, due in part to the disappearance of V’yaris, Venay, V’yaris’ sister, has enrolled in the Collage of Magic. As the party continues to relate their subterranean adventures a shadow falls over the house. Soon, the sounds of people yelling, some even screaming, can be heard from outside. Quickly the party ascends to the top tower of the Sophis’Tikal home, which provides a brilliant view over the North Gate* of the city. Not sixty feet from the gate stand three balors, enshrouded in flames, and locked in some eldritch ritual. And high above, the sun has become eclipsed, shedding dark shadows across the land. Within seconds, Alustrial* appears at the top of the western tower of the gate. Quickly she summons the Dragon Queen of the North, Valamaradace* and her consort Deszeldaryndun.* As the two dragons appear over the city, Khelben Arunsun* and Storm Silverhand* also teleport next to Alustrial*. The two dragons descend upon the balors, but Valamaradace* spies Klauth, Old Snarl, the Great Red Wyrm of the North* in hiding. The two engage as Deszeldaryndun* swoops in and snatches a balor between his jaws, burning his lips and tongue as he does. As the dragons fight, several more balors appear and unlike the first three, these engage the defenders. Soon the Simbul* and Elminster* are also at hand and great magics are hurled as the might dragons fight and claw against one another. Each of the balors possess an magical item, lesser gems of the Abyss, which prevents them from being banished or otherwise returned to their planes. The battle is pitched, with only the dragons causing marked damages. Then the tide turned for the worse as, appearing from some dark land of the Abyss, Doom, Lord of the Nalfeshnee, Corruptor of the Abyssal Magicks, enters and begins to wreck havoc on the defenses of the city. At a critical moment, when the original three balors had all shed their desecrating blood on the land, Doom thrusts an iron scepter, a twenty foot rod adorned with the skulls of elven children, into the center of the balor’s ritual. A great fissure opened in the earth, splitting down the length of the city, and the Mythal of Silverymoon* was broken. Doom then turned to Valamaradace* and attempted to trap her soul, but after repeated failed attempts the terrible demon left as quickly as he had arrived, leaving the surviving balors to be slain by the defenders of the city while Klauth*, severely wounded by both Elminster* and Khelben*, fled by way of magic.

Dark days are only just beginning for the Silver Marches*

In the afternoon, as the city calms, the party heads to Helmer’s Wall* in order to hear news of recent events. Gladik wishes to head to the palace in order to talk with emissaries of the dwarven cities in order to discover if there has been any news of or from Ithil’ich.

19-Marpenoth-1372: The party heads to the palace to talk with the dwarven emissaries. Kethrum Ironboar is the emissary and tells the party to seek out Jandar Starblade* of the Argent Legion* who is stationed at Citadel Feldbarr.* The party plans to go to Citadel Feldbarr* in order to find out more about the orcs, the mithril the orcs have and what is happening with Ithil’ich.

20-Marpenoth-1372: Vyaris becomes a Fellow of the Lady’s College* and is offered a position on with the Spellguard* At the banquets after the ceremonies, the party meets with Yakina and discuss current events.

21-Marpenoth-1372: The Party teleports to Ithil’ich in the morning. The party appears half a mile from the hill upon which the town is supposed to stand but the town is still missing. V’yaris and Anciano realize that they are standing in front of an ethereal gate that can only be seen if looked upon ‘sideways’. They deduce, through investigating the gate, that it leads to a demi-plane while Gladik smokes his pipe and ponders whether the smoke will interfere with the gate. Risking the dangers, the party passes through.

On the other side, they appear to be standing just a step past where they had entered. The Nether* mountains still stand to the east and the Moonwood* is still in the distance to the west. However, the town of Ithil’ich now stands before them. The party approaches the gate and V’yaris charms a guard. Insteading of getting the dwarven captian of the guard the guard sends for Mayor Ithil’ich. While they wait for the mayor, V’yaris questions the guard and discover that the guard is fearful of leaving the city, as if the guard has a phobia about it. The mayor soon arrives and begins to berate the party that they have been exiled. The same traces of fear are revealed in the mayor about leaving the city. During the conversation the party notices a raven watching them intently. Jaqaneth dominates the bird and instantly the mayor’s disposition changes, as if he himself had become the subject of an enchantment. The demeanor of the mayor changes to that of a forceful mindset and denies the party’s request to enter.

The party retreats and decides to sneak in and extract Jamanes, the elf aristocrat who’s daughter has been kidnapped, and see if they can get any more information from him and to see if he also is fearful of leaving the city. Invisibly, the party enters the city from the north and manages to enter Jamanes’ house. There they speak with him and find that, even if it would save his daughter, he would not leave the town. Casting spells, the party is able to suppress the elf’s fear and smuggle him out of the city, back through the gate and into the ‘real world’. Jamanes still seems affected by the fear. They camp for the night.

Early in the morning the party is beset by ghouls and ghasts, but Karush quickly destroys them through the might of Savras*.

Leaving Karush and Jaqaneth to walk back to Silverymoon* in the muddied trail of late Marpenoth* the rest of the party teleports with Jamanes back to Silverymoon* at around nine in the morning. As V’yaris, Gladik, Anciano and Jamanes walk across the city to the Wizard’s Collage, the party is attacked in the market place by what appears to be a 12 foot tall earth elemental wielding a magical maul. But as they fight the creature they discover that it is some type of construct as behind the rock and stone they perceive a golden skeletal structure of clockwork organs and joints. As the party fights a second construct, this one of air appears and joins the fight. Hard pressed, even as the guards of the city rush in, the party fights on. Gladik stands toe to toe with the earth construct as Anciano thrusts and jabs from the creature’s flanks. V’yaris pulls Jamanes out of the fray, turns invisible and sets about dispatching the air construct. In a flash of mechanical furry, the earth construct’s maul descends upon Anciano, killing him instantly. Though wounded, Gladik is able to finish off the earth construct as V’yaris happily (in his cold analytical way) disintegrates the air construct. The guards haul the golden husks of the constructs back to the collage.

At the college, the party learns that Jamanes is under a powerful geas, and though with some work, the collage wizards are able to remove it. At the collage’s shrine to Mystra*, the party solemnly hands over the body of Anciano and the priests divine that Anciano does not wish to return to this world. Beckoned by Azurmantle*, the party is brought to a laboratory where the golden constructs have been laid out. Although the wizards haven’t been able to find out much they are certain that the constructs follow an old Netherese* design and may be originals of that fallen empire.

At five in the afternoon, the collage and priests of Mystra hold burial ceremonies over Anciano.

23-Marpenoth-1372: In the evening, Karush and Jaqaneth make it back to Silverymoon*. In the evening, Gladik finds Yakina, the gold elf he met at the Devonshire party. They have dinner at a prestigious tavern where Gladik flirts and finds out that he has a younger brother, newly born, in Citadel Adbar.

24-Marpenoth-1372: The party teleports to Herald’s Holdfast* where they meet Old Night* and search the libraries for knowledge on Ithil’ich, Durrowbane (the wizard in Ithil’ich), and the Crowns that they wear. The discover that Durrowbane is an old Illuskan name and that the Durrowbanes were reputed to be adept in the magical arts. They also learn that an artifact, a black start-like diamond which was created by a great dragon, was lost somewhere around the location of Ithil’ich about the time that the city disappeared.

26-Marpenoth-1372: While taking a break from researching spells, V’yaris meets his companions at Helmer’s Wall* for a relaxing evening. There, V’yaris spies an old friend, Pierce, who was at the collage studying sorcerery for a while and whose parents are Calimshite* diplomats in the city. After being introduced the party offers a position in their group for Pierce who also happens to be an adept at locks, traps and other such services in addition to being a skill sorcerer.

Later that eveing, Lord Horkus, a drunk and rotund man in charge of overseeing the distribution of Silvermoon’s* lands to nobles (and the collection of taxes from those lands), recognizes the party for who they are (primarily sons of aristocrats, save Jaqaneth and Karush) and informs them that they are able to purchase lands in exchange for their upkeep (and taxes) at a very reasonable price. The party learns that the price of land has gone down in hopes of securing more arms for the protection of both the city and the Silver Marches*. The party is not interested at this time.

26-Uktar-1372: After finishing his research, V’yaris informs the party that he is able to head back to Ithili’ch. The party agrees that checking out the mines nearby the vanishing city would be wise, to see if the magic that relocates Ithil’ich is also powerful enough to pull a mithril mine with it. The party heads out that morning, on foot.

27-Uktar-1372: Just before noon, the party encounters a red dragon feasting on elk. Quick on their feet, the party parlays, and offers the dragon a song from Jaqaneth. So awed is the dragon that it accepts no other payment to let the party pass.

In the late afternoon an obese devil, over ten feet tall with nearly translucent flesh, appears before the party demanding Gladik as payment on an old contract. The devil produces a copy of the contract which he hands over to the party. Through parlay, the party discovers that Gladik’s father and uncle had made a deal with devils in order to protect Citadel Adbar* from some other, unnamed, threat and in return Gladik’s father was to hand over his firstborn child. The original devil or devils that had made the deal seem to have disappeared and now ownership has been turned over to this devil. After a lengthy argument, V’yaris points out that the devil has not brought forth proper proof as to the validity of the document and that either Gladik’s uncle or father must be produced in order to confirm the contract. The devil agrees and disappears.

An hour later the party is to start looking for a campsite when several giants come around a hill. There are two hill giants and one frost giant. The party fights, while V’yaris sits upon a nearby hill, invisibly watching the defeat of the giants.

28-Uktar-1372: Early in the morning Pierce has an encounter with a fey. He leaves a candle near the pond by which they camped but declines to talk in depth about it with the rest of the party.

By the early afternoon the party reaches the spot where Ithil’ich is supposed to stand. Three hours later they arrive at the mithril mine. As the rest of the party waits at the edge of the circular quarry, Pierce walks to the far end where the mine proper begins and he starts searching the entranced. From above the entrance drops an orc, camouflaged in makeshift clothing, and attacks Pierce. As Gladik rides in from the edge of the quarry, four more leap from their hidden locations and begin the attack enforce. Pierce turns invisible to maneuver away from the orc barbarian. V’yaris also turns invisible and begins to assess the situation. One orc runs up as if to attack Karush and Jaqaneth but Karush magically holds the orc and Jaqaneth begins to probe its mind for information. Gladik hacks as well as he is hacked upon. At one point during the battle Gladik falls unconscious from his wounds but is revived by Karush and Jaqaneth takes many a wound from the orc who’s mind she had probed. Flying, Pierce provides much needed magical support with his seemingly endless supply of rays and magic missiles. In the end, all but the leader of the orcs fall and the leader is telekinetically held aloft by one of V’yaris’ spells. V’yaris begins to recite, in detail, the taking of Gruumsh’s eye by the elven deity Corellon Larethian. Enraged, and aware of his fatal position, the leader takes his own life. The party revives one of the orcs and Jaqaneth probes its mind as V’yaris and the others question it. They learn of King Obould’s* raising of an orcish army and that the orc king does not control all the orcs amassing in the mountains but that he is trying to do so.

Resting at the mine, the party begins to make plans to magically scry Ithil’ich in order to learn how to approach the wizard Durrowbane.

30-Uktar-1372: During the night, the party is attacked by four wyverns. Although stung several times, Gladik seems unphased. The wyverns are quickly dispatched. In the morning, the party decides to head back to Silverymoon* in order to sell the orc’s gear to help raise funds to support their investigation of Ithil’ich. Just before noon, the party is attacked by two more elemental constructs. This time, the constructs are of fire and water, with the same golden clockwork skeletal structure as the two they fought in Silverymoon*. This time, however, the party is better equipped to deal with the threat.

Feast of the Moon-1372: That night, at camp, as Gladik is unsaddling his horse, he hears someone whispering to him, “Who is this?” the dwarf asks. “Behind you,” the voice replies. Gladik turns around and the voice repeats, “No, behind you.” Then Gladik reaches for his double-bladed sword. “Yes Gladik. It is I, your comrade and ally since your time amongst the centaurs of the Shaar*, Death’s Touch, Raughtok.” The other party members, unable to hear the whispering of the sword, look at Gladik with worry. “First he sees imaginary spiders dangling in his face and now he’s talking to his sword,” they muse with concern.

1-Nightal-1372: Cold days are ahead. Early in the morning, six abishai* swoop down upon the party. While not a serious threat for the great heroes, for the first time Gladik succumbs to poison. During the battle the party hears Raughtok crying out in joy, “Yes Gladik, excellent! They will fall by the might of our will!”

Before noon, the party reaches Silverymoon.* Approaching the city, they view a Halruuan Skyship* floating above the city’s palace. There is much wonder amongst the party at such a strange sight, but given the amount of research that they’ve done in the past few months, the recognize it for what it is. They talk to the guards at the gate and bestow upon them potions that protect against arrows. The two guards inform the party that the Haluraans* have been in the city for only a few days. During the conversation, a third guard arrives and whispers to the other two that V’yaris is a Sophis’tikal, and that the Sophis’tikals are rumored to now be in league with the fey’ri*. The party overhears and V’yaris steps up to defend his family’s honor with deft and cunning words that cut to the heart of the third guard. Ashamed at giving so much weight to rumors spread by apprentice wizards at the Lady’s Collage*, the guard retreats.

The party first stops at Pierce’s family estate. Pierce finds that his parents have left for Calimshan* on business but they left him a gift. As the party sips fine Calimshan* wine brought by the Lux’s head servant, Habib, Pierce unwraps his gift. Within a small jewelry box is a gold and platinum ring with an inset sapphire. On the outside of the band is written in auran, “Power is the wind, Overall is the sky,” and on the inside, “Aq’Kabar, bound for his treachery, bound for his services, to the house of Lux.”

The party next turns towards the Sophis’tikal estate. There, V’yaris and his friends are greeted by his parents. Discussing the rumors about the Sophis’tikal family, the party learns that it is due in part to V’nay’s working of the Weave*. She happened to accidentally summon a lesser devil during a conjuration class to the surprise of both students and professors alike. The rumors quickly spread from there, given V’nay’s encounter with the fey’ri*. V’yaris’ father assures his son that he is doing what he can and that none of the nobles of the city believe the rumors.

That evening, the party heads to Helmer’s Wall*. V’yaris immediately seeks out a group of youths who began glairing at the gold elf the minute he walked in. The trio of wizard’s apprentices is led by a young noble, Dermen Hethren, who is the eldest son of a noble house in the city that imports rare and expensive papers for wizards books. Dermen proves to be an arrogant human that seems to enjoy the chaos that the rumors have spread. In the eloquent exchange between V’yaris and Dermen, one of the other boys, a young man from Hilltop* named Araban, goes so far as to call V’yaris and his family, dhaerow. As the echange now heats up, Gladik’s sword pipes in, declairing the greatness of the dwarf and those who are his friends much to the surprise of all. V’yaris, however, is primarily annoyed by the fact that Gladik brought him the worst tankard of ale in the house. In the end, Araban storms out of the tavern. Gladik and Pierce turn to play a game of darts as Karush begins talking to some acolytes of Mystra*. V’yaris heads out to try and talk some sense into Araban after learning where the young man’s dorm room is located. Jaqaneth follows V’yaris invisibly. At the dormitory, V’yaris dimension doors to the front door of the young man’s room before he arrives. As Araban rounds the corner of the hallway he stops short in horror. V’yaris begins to speak to him but before Araban will listen he lets loose two magic missiles. Jaqaneth appears in front of V’yaris and takes the damage. Araban turns and flees. V’yaris decides to give the young man his solitude and so the gold* elf makes his way back across the city to Helmer’s Wall* with Jaqaneth. Along the way they talk of the strange ways in which the world, or rather worlds, work and finally kiss.

2-Nightal-1372: In the morning, the party sells much of their gained treasure and begin purchasing many magical goods. Pierce summons and converses with his family’s Djinni Aq’Kahar in the morning. Later in the day the party meets with Halduen Thermith and then they head to Helmer’s Wall* for relaxation and V’yaris meets with Roglot.

3-Nightal-1372: In the morning the party purchases potions and then heads out for Ithil’ich.

4-Nightal-1372: The party meets Wolbeth and his bandits who are chased away. Later that night the party is attacked by a Ghour but they survive.

5-Nightal-1372: Early in the evening, Pierce has an encounter during his watch. He lights a candle at pond of the small grove near where they camp. In the morning the party is beset by a devil, Planethar, who hands Gladik the contract that his father had signed long ago.

In the afternoon the party reaches Ithil’ich. The secretly steel into Durrobane’s keep, using magics to enter from the roof. The party fights off Durrobane and his acolytes, in the end they kill him and rescue Jamanes’ daughter. As the party searches out the rest of the keep, Pierce is slain by magical glyph.

6-Nightal-1372: In the morning, Karush casts raise dead on Pierce, bringing him back from the dead. The party then finds Jamanes and return his daughter to him. The party then confronts the Mayor of Ithil’ich and enforce Jamanes as the new Mayor.

7-Nightal-1372: The party teleports back to Silverymoon*. In the afternoon the party meets with Lord Hornblade* and arrange for troops to be sent to Ithil’ich. The party also discusses what should be done with Tzindylspur*.

8-Nightal-1372: The party teleports to Citadel Adbar* and Gladik confronts his mother about the devil-contract and finds that his father has traveled south to the Vordrorn Forest*. The party decides to head back to Silverymoon* and rest for a month before exploring Tzindylspur*.

1373 Year of Rogue Dragons

9-Hammer-1373: With the aid of Pierce’s Djinni, the party windwalks to Tzindylspur*. The party begins to explore the exposed ruins, fighting strange dimensionally warped creatures.

10-Hammer-1373: The party continues to explore the ruins of Tzindylspur*, meeting githyanki who are in search of an Alhoon, as well as fighting cly golems, annis vampires, and a temporally bound red dragon.

11-Hammer-1373: Still in the ruins, the party fights a glabrezu. A nalfeshnee is summoned and kidnaps Jaqaneth. Later, after fighting a stone golem, chaos beast, and a behir, the party discovers a portal, to which they have the key; a ruby they had found in the treasure of the red dragon the day before.

12-Hammer-1373: The party meets with the githyanki force in Tzindylspur* and agree to let the githyanki search for their Alhoon, but on the condition that they do not claim the ruins for their own. The party then teleports back to Silverymoon*.

13-Hammer-1373: Back in the city, the party scrys in Gladik’s father and find him at a fort in the Vordrorn Forest* being attacked by creatures from other planes, but the dwarves are able to fight them off. The party rests, while V’yaris uses the college to learn Greater Teleport.

16-Hammer-1373: Having finished his research, V’yaris is able to teleport the party to Gladik’s father’s camp. The reunion is cold, but Gladik is intent on staying and convincing his father to relocate to Tzindylspur*.

17-Hammer-1373: The fort is attacked by a nycaloth and it’s minions. The party is able to fight them off. Gladik’s father agrees to moving to Tzindylspur*.

18-Hammer-1373: The party teleports back to Silverymoon* and holds talks with Lord Hornblade* on allowing Lord Chom to claim Tzindylspur*. The talks involve ambassador Degem Stealhand from Adbar*, Kethrum Ironboar from Feldbar* and Captain Dweren Coldwrought from the Chom camp.

24-Hammer-1373: The party heads back to Citadel Adbar* and the Chom camp in order to add clauses to the contract being drawn up for Chom to take Tzindylspur*.

25-Hammer-1373: Back in Silverymoon*, the party splits up for a while. Gladik is busy with the city, negotiating Chom’s claim on Tzindylspur*. V’yaris spends then next tenday tutoring at the city’s wizard college. Pierce heads to Calimport* to meet with his parents.

27-Hammer-1373: 100 Silverymoon* troops head to Ithil’ich.

28-Hammer-1373: Word arrives from troops at Ithil’ich and Tzindylspur* that there is a monstrous winter wolf in the vicinity.

6-Alturiak-1373: V’yaris begins researching spells for Moglet at the wizard’s college.

9-Alturiak-1373: In his research on the Crowns of Nothrondlin, V’yaris discovers a text that references the gems of the crown and that an individual named Malgrom of Shantil, who presumably had at least one of the gems “ventured to the Amtar, and was never seen again.”

16-Alturiak-1373: V’yaris spends time researching summonings, alchemy and teaching classes on transmutations at the wizard’s college.

13-Ches-1373: The Silver Marches* okays Chom’s claim on Tzindylspur.

15-Ches-1373: Gladik’s father heads out for Silverymoon*. V’yaris finishes his classes on transmutations.

14-Tarsakh-1373: Gladlik’s father, and some 200 dwarves, arrive in Silverymoon* to formally receive acceptance as a protectorate in the Silver Marches* at Tzindylspur*. For the occasion, V’yaris creates a mansion via Mirage Arcana and throws a grand party for the nobles of the city.

1-Mirtul-1373: The party teleports to Calimport in order to research the Crowns as well as to visit Pierce and his family. The party finds 3 Halruaan skyships anchored in the capital city.

2-Mirtul-1373: V’aryis discovered information about the gems in regards to the locations of Lapaliiya, the Hazur Mountains, and Cathyr.

3-Mirtul-1373: Pierce receives a letter from a man named Daud yn Kamal, who invites the party to meet with him near the docs on the 4th.

4-Mirtul-1373: The party meets with Daud at the Green Sail tavern, who relates to the party that an underworld leader had a gem stolen and put a bounty on the thieves and a reward for the return of the gem. Due to having been slighted by the one offering the reward, Daud sees letting the gem fall into the hands of the party as just rewards for his treatment; information he freely offers to the party. Daud then informs the group that the gem was stolen by a priest of Shar* who operates a house of Sharess* in the desert just north of Calimport*.

5-Mirtul-1373: The party leaves for the house of Sharess*.

6-Mirtual-1373: Late in the evening the party finds the house of Sharess* and attempt to infiltrate it. With no luck, the party then forces their way in, killing the clergy, and finally negotiating for the gem from the high priestess in exchange for small business ventures and decisions on the part of the House of Lux, Pierce’s family business.

7-Mirtul-1373: The party returns to Calimport and begin studying the gem.

16-Kythorn-1373: The party again splits up. Pierce begins researching the gems through the city’s underworld and the businesses, looking for connections. He also begins establishing business contacts of his own. Gladik and V’yaris returns to Silverymoon* and heads for Tzindylspur* in order to help oversee his father’s development of the ruins. At the end of the day, Gladik and V’yaris fights the Winter Wolf, Haurg’gau.

17-Kythorn-1373: Pierce is attacked by an assassin in the night.

20-Kythorn-1373: V’yaris teleports to Calimport* and teleports back to Silverymoon* with Pierce.

23-Kythorn-1373: The Party kills the fang dragon that has been harassing the area around Tzindylspur*.

24-Kythorn-1373: The Party returns to Silverymoon*. Gladik has an armorsmith commissioned to create a set of mithril plate.

25-Kythorn-1373: In the evening, on their way to pick up V’yaris form the College, Pierce and Gladik are attacked by a green dragon, gone mad. This is the same day that Klauth attacks Mirabar and Arauthator attacks Luskan.

27-Kythorn-1373: The harpers introduce Klaven, a moon elf ranger who has fought the demonfey* and dragons. In the afternoon, Jaqeneth appears atop one of the towers of the wall of Silverymoon*, stepping through a gate and fighting demons which follower her. The party enters the battle, but the nalfeshnee* is able to transport her back with him. The rest of the demons are either slain or banished.

30-Kythorn-1373: Rumors of groups of humans moving caravans near or in the High Moor prompts the party to work with Silverymoon in determining their origin as many are beginning to suspect a Cult of the Dragon cell.

3-Flamerule-1373: Searching the road south-west of Everlund reveals caravan tracks headed into the Trollmoors. The party follows them.

4-Flamerule-1373: Early in the morning, he party is ambushed in a narrow ravine by fay’ri and yugoloths led by the crazed half-fiend dwarf, Eregom. The fey’ri are defeated, but once again Eregom escapes.

Later that day the party encounters mounted knights, who identify themselves as Zhents. The knights then escort the party to meet their commander, Korum Darkspear. Soon the party finds themselves in the half-completed keep of Lord Darkspear. While Korum allows the party to stay the evening, both sides are wary of each other. When pressed about the wisdom of building a keep in the moor, the party gains hints that there may be a higher authority involved. Korum informs the party that he has not seen, nor heard, of any Cult of the Dragon cells active in the moor.

5-Flamerule-1373: The party leaves Darkfist Keep, in search of evidence that the Cult of the Dragon has a cell in the Trollmoors.

6-Flamerule-1373: The party fights a small group of hill giants led by a frost giant. The party defeats them and lets the surviving hill and frost giant live, on guarantee that neither return to their companions to warn them of the party’s approach.

Just after noon, the party reaches the giant camp. At first they attempt to parlay, but the encounter quickly turns ugly. Though initially unnerving, the party makes quick work of the giants.

After discussing where to turn next, and agreeing that no Cult of the Dragon cell is actively open on the moor, the party camps inside the giant compound. In the evening, Rend is ambushed by a drow priestess, Sorshazal, who demands that her “property” come back home with her. After Rend defeats his former master in combat, she reveals that she has run from her society and is in love with Rend.

7-Flamerule-1373: After traveling through the moor for an hour or so, the party is ambushed by two huge black dragons, which nearly kill several members of the party, but all survive. The party then decides to teleport back to Silverymoon, inform Lord Hornblade of the situation in the moors. Over the next few days, the party teleports back and forth from the moors to the city, returning with the dragons’ hordes. They also find a black dragon egg and hold an auction for it.

The group of adventurers from Jalanthar head north into the hills to collect bounty on goblin ears. They find a small goblin camp and ambush them.


The Jalanthar adventurers discover an cave entrance that is guarded by goblins. Two of their number die in the initial battle, but the party manages in freeing a halfling captive. The party retreats. Later, at camp, the party is attacked by a dire wolf, but the party manages to chase it off. The party then head back to Jalanthar with the body of Morgul Chom.


The Jalanthar adventurers spend the day in town, resting and many have strange encounters with a disembodied voice at the pond. Later the voice is revealed to be a pixie that has come to fight the goblins.


The Jalanthar adventurers travel back to goblin cave, and set up an ambush to draw some of the goblins away from the tunnels and into the open. The ploy works and several goblins are slain.


The Jalanthar adventurers fight their way into the goblin cavern, but after killing several and knowing more lurk deeper within, the party withdraws back to their base camp.


In the early morning hours, the Jalanthar adventurers are attacked by an ogre. The party gratefully survives.
At day break, the Jalanthar adventures journey back into the goblin cave only to discover the goblins worshiping a strange acidic fungal growth. Through illusions and magical whispers, the party is able to turn many of the goblins on each other before the goblins realize they are once again being attacked. While dangerous, the party quickly dispatches what’s left of the goblins.

1-Eleasis-1373: Gladik leaves for Citadel Adbar.

8-Eleasis-1373: While making sure a shipment of coffee was in proper order at one of the Lux Family warehouses in Memnon, disguised drow arrive attempting to extort the business. Upon recognition of Pierce, the leader of the drow proclaims that he knows about Pierce’s crown and will get it from him. As the battle turns in Pierce’s favor, the drow run. Pierce gives chase, but the drow know the Memnon back alleys better than the son of Lux.

12-Eleasis-1373: Arriving at Yakina’s manor, east of Sundabar, Gladik finds the majestic home strangely quiet. He enters, and finds himself moving along a bridge that spans a cavern over an underground river. There, Gladik is ambushed by a female devil that attempts to drag the dwarf to the Hells. Gladik proves himself the stronger and after heavy fighting, is able to force the devil to flee.

14-Eleasis-1373: At the Lux estate in Calimport, two gardeners unearth a small bronze box and unwittingly release the Efreeti contained there in. Ophelia, overseeing the reconstruction of the garden is forced to summon a horde of water elementals to press the genie into fleeing.

20-Eleasis-1373: Rend discovers a plate-mail clad Banite receiving traitorous information from a couple of Zhent spies behind the Temple of Tymora in Silverymoon. Attempt to investigate, Rend plays the drunk and disrupts the meeting. Combat quickly follows. The Banite, with one spell, nearly kills Rend and succeeds in knocking him unconscious, his life fading. Rend’s follower, Zamar, and his lover, Sorshazal are able to fend off the assailants and bring Rend back from the brink of death. The fight quickly turns and the Banite uses magic to flee to another plane. Rend is able to capture one of the spies alive.

25-Eleasis-1373: In a summoning ritual gone wrong, V’yaris, a professor and several students, find themselves face to face with Graz’zt, who reveals to V’yaris that is was Jaqeneth and her “love” of V’yaris which lead the demon prince to the gold elf wizard. Luckily, V’yaris is able to banish the fiend before any serious damage befalls the college.

Gladik arrives back in Silverymoon with his mother.

Rend receives a letter from Mara’s father in Quaervarr demanding coin to pay for a son.

26-Eleasis-1373: Visit the son of Rend. Arvial is the mother of Rend’s son, Arvial’s father is Tovid.

27-Eleasis-1373: Learn of the rumors of the People of the Black Blood. Planned commune with nature (15 miles). Commune with Nature: 11 1st-10th level, 2 12th level lycanthropes. At 9:20 AM attack a strange red dragon, kill it over the forest. They determine that the dragon came from a lair in the high hills north of Mithril Hall. The party heads back to Queavarr, discusses Tovid Jr.’s future (who has shown magical aptitude). The party also meets “The Company of the Old Law” who is searching for the lycanthropes.

28-Eleasis-1373: The party, along with the Company of the Old Law, head out for the lycanthropes.


1 When traveling in the Underdark*, the party begins following a 'lightless day' internal clock. This revolves around a 21 hour day, where there is 1 hour for breakfast, 1 hour for breaking camp, 4 hours of travel, 1 hour for lunch, 4 more hours of travel, 1 hour of setting up camp, 1 hour for dinner, then 8 hours of rest. Karush still prays for his spells just before breakfast as V'yaris is studying his spells for the 'day'.

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