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Abyssal & Infernal Witches

Abyssal and Infernal Witches, here after referred to as the witch, are much like a cross between an evil cleric, an evil druid and an evil wizard. Like wizards, the Witch has access to spells of which she learns and casts in the Arcane manner, but her spell list is considerably smaller than those of wizards. Like the druid the Witch is often a loner living in the wilderness. But instead of learning how to live with nature the Witch devises how to twist nature to her will. And like the cleric the Witch worships. But unlike a cleric, who may only glimpse her god through the spells she casts or when she dies, the Witch communes with her dark lord directly and even visiting her master on his home plane for cordial visits. Although the format below gives the rules for an Abyssal and Infernal Witch the truth is that there are as many Witch Classes as there are Demon Princes and Archduke Devils. Unlike the modern witch, or the Wiccan, Abyssal and Infernal witches are devoted to evil, corruption, and perverse pleasures.

Adventures: Rarely do Abyssal and Infernal witches set out on adventures. Adventure more or less comes to the witch. She will often be sent out on quests for her coven or master in search of lost secrets and forgotten artifacts or she will be on the run from witch-hunts and other like-minded groups determined to rid the world of the evils of the witch.

Characteristics: The strength of the witch lies with her coven and her master. Together they set out to work great evils on the land, sometimes in the form of plagues and pestilence other times in toppling empires from within or without. Usually witches are female though male witches, or warlocks, are not unheard of.

Alignment: These witches are devoted to evil. Abyssal witches must be Chaotic Evil while Infernal witches are Lawful Evil. Straying from their respective alignments will usually cause the witch great harm, the least of which is loosing her special abilities.

Religion: Abyssal and Infernal witches are devoted to a single deity, or archfiend, from the corresponding planes of alignment. They are martyrs and fanatical in their worship.

Background:These witches are usually lured by power and wealth from evil outsiders that detect in the witch a strong, unfocused, piousness. Sometimes they are directed openly by these outside forces; the witch meeting with agents of her master on many occasions, others are directed behind the witches consciousness, agents leaving presents or telepathically whispering thoughts to the witch while she sleeps.

Abyssal and Infernal witches are often hunted due to their evil nature and therefore are rarely found in cities or towns, save for the most open or most corrupt metropolitan areas. Usually the witch seeks a life of solitude, save with like-minded sisters, in the wilderness where they are free from prying eyes.

Races: Humans are the most common of witches. Half-elves and half-orcs, having no solid heritage to cling to, often find themselves following along these evil paths. Occasionally an elf will turn from her heritage and make a pact with a dark master. Rare are dwarven, halfling or gnome witches though some might turn to dark ways.

Other Classes: Evil witches usually only congregate with other witches. Evil like minded clerics though, can often be found among their ranks. All other classes usually only associate with witches if their alignments work well with the witch. Paladins will usually try, through all means open to the paladin, to bring the witch to justice.


Abilities:Charisma is an important attribute as it determines how powerful of a spell a witch can cast, how many spells a witch can cast and how hard those spells are to resist. Constitution and Dexterity are also useful to the witch as a witch character already starts with low hit points and, due to casting arcane spells, will most often forego using armor.

Alignment: Chaotic or Lawful Evil

Hit Dice: d6

Table 1-1: Abyssal & Infernal Witch and Spells per Day
ClassBaseSavesSpecialSpells per Day
LevelAttack BnsFortRefWil0 lvl1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th
1+0+2+0+2Master, Witch's Familiar, 1st Mark21--------
2+1+3+0+3Feat: Brew Potions21--------
3+2+3+1+3Join Coven311-------
4+3+4+1+4Feat: Craft Wondrous Item321-------
5+4+4+1+42nd Mark4211------
6+5+5+2+5Start Coven4221------
7+6/+1+5+2+5Feat: Candle Magic43211-----
8+7/+2+6+2+63rd Mark43221-----
10+9/+4+7+3+74th Mark443221----
12+11/+6/+1+8+4+85th Mark4443221---
13+12/+7/+2+8+4+8Visit Master44433211--
15+14/+9/+4+9+5+9Damage Reduction 5/magic or good444433211-
16+15/+10/+5+10+5+10Call Master444443221-
18+17/+12/+7/+2+11+6+11Damage Reduction 10/magic or good4444443221
20+19/+14/+9/+4+12+6+12Damage Reduction 10/magic and good, Corruption4444444322

Class Skills:

The witch's class skills (and the key ability for each) are Bluff (Cha), Craft (Int), Hide (Dex), Knowledge (arcane) (Int), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Spellcraft (Int), Spot (Wis), and Survival (Wis).

Skill Points at 1st Level: (4 + Int modifier) X 4.
Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier.

Class Features:

All of the following are class features of the Abyssal and Infernal Witch.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Witches are skilled with the club, dagger, quarterstaff, scimitar, scythe, short sword, sickle and sling. Witches are not proficient with any armor or shields and suffer the arcane spell failure when wearing armor and shields.

Spells: A witch casts arcane spells. She is limited to a certain number of spells of each spell level per day, according to her class level. Witches prepare spells like a cleric though. They pray to their master who grants them their spells. The witches time of day in which she prays is often at midnight. All standard rules for casting, resisting, and maximum spell level based on Charisma apply.

Bonus Language (Ex): A witch gains either Abyssal or Infernal, in accordance with their alignment, as a bonus language.

Master (Ex): The Key element of the Witch is her allegiance to a Demon Lord or Prince or an Archduke Devil. In addition to gaining the benefits of the Master the Witch also gains her first Marking (See below). Although the evils of the lower planes are near infinite, as are its lords and masters, below is a small selection of Demon and Devil Masters that the Witch can select from. The DM is encouraged to create more Masters for wider choices of Witches.

Table 1-2: Witch Masters
Abyssal MastersSkill BonusSpecial Gained
I.Prince Demogorgon+4 to BluffProficient with Whip
II.Prince Fraz-Urb'luu+2 to DisguiseProficient with Morning Star
III.Prince Graz'zt+4 to DiplomacyProficient with Bastard Sword
IV.Lord Kostchtchie+4 to Wilderness LoreProficient with 2-handed Warhammer
V.Princess Lolth+4 to Bluff2-Weapon Fighting Feat
VI.Prince Orcus+4 to Sense MotiveProficient with Light & Heavy Mace
Infernal MastersSkill BonusSpecial Gained
I.Asmodeus+4 to DiplomacyProficient with Long Sword
II.Baalzebul+8 to Bluffnone
III.Glasya+4 to BluffWeapon Focus: Dagger
IV.Mammon+4 to AppraiseProficient with Spear

Witch's Familiar (Ex): Upon becoming a witch the class gains a familiar which is much like a Sorcerers or Wizards Familiar save that the soul of the animal is merged with that of some minor demon that has been placed within the animal. This works like a Magic Jar spell except that the soul of the animal and the demon/devil are forever merged. They share memories, personalities and so forth, but the soul of the demon/devil becomes the dominant force. A cat familiar, for example, becomes an Abyssal Familiar and even though the cat may still like to hunt mice it might begin to capture and torture the mice for days on end doing its best to keep the rodents alive, and in pain, for as long as possible. The Abyssal cat may take enjoyment of placing the dying mice in the beds of children, or in the tavern's ale (though not his master's favorite tavern if the familiar knows what is good for him). For purposes of spells and spell like abilities the animal is now considered an Outsider. Should the witch already have a familiar; that animal's soul is merged with a minor demon. If the familiar had an alignment opposed to the witch's new alignment the animal soul of the familiar is destroyed as the demon takes over. This change could cause drastic behavioral shifts in the familiar. On top of the standard familiar abilities and bonuses the new Witch's Familiar gains the following benefits: +1d8 hp, +4 Natural AC bonus, +2 str, +2 dex, +2 wis, +1 Base Attacks, +2 to all Saves. Abyssal Familiars are Chaotic Evil while Infernal Familiars are Lawful Evil.

Witch's Mark (Ex): The Marking is obvious and any successful Arcana or Religion check (DC 22 for Abyssal DC 25 for Infernal) will betray the Witch's loyalties for what they are. For each level of the Witch's Mark above 1st, the DC to detect the true nature of the witch drops by 5. An Infernal Witch's mark is more subtler than the Abyssal's and there for harder to detect. It is because of the Mark that the witch often seeks a secluded life. The First Mark gives no game modifiers or bonuses.

Table 1-3: Abyssal Marks
Prince/Lord1st Mark2nd Mark3rd Mark4th Mark5th Mark
DemogorgonEnlarged CaninesScale Flesh (+2 Nat AC)Tentacle Left Arm (as whip + paralyze ¹)Tail (as whip + trip + poison ²)2nd Head³
Fraz-Urb'luuSmall, Rounded HornsLong Arms ¹ Gray Fur (+2 Nat AC)Small Wings (fly 20', clumsy)Large Tail²
Graz'ztSixth DigitsEntropic Flesh (+2 Hide)Demon Eyes & Ears¹Sharp Horns²Demonic Beauty³
KostchtchieGray FleshPowerful Build (+2 Str)Long Legs¹Aura of Frost²Size Increase³
LolthSpider Mark (on Forehead)Long Fingers (+2 Unarmed dmg)Fangs¹Extra Joints²Spinnerets³
OrcusWhite FleshSkeletal Frame¹Ram Horns (1d6 butt dmg)Small Wings (fly 20', clumsy)Loss of Flesh²


All Abyssal Marks that can be used as melee attacks receive base attack bonuses and strength attack and damage bonuses. Tail attacks use dexterity bonus to hit (as if Witch had Weapon Finesse) instead of strength and apply 1/2 strength damage.

¹:Opponent is paralyzed on failing a Fort save (DC 10 + 1/2 Witch's Level) for 1d6 rounds. Note that unlike a regular whip this attack can damage armored opponents. Add the armor's AC modifier to the target's Fort Save when resisting paralysis.

²:The Tail can either attempt to trip or inflict poison. Attempting to trip does not provoke and AoO. Fort Save at DC 12 + 1/2 Witch's Level. 1d4 Constitution damage. Onset 1 minute for 2d6 points of additional Constitution damage. All Ability damage is temporary.
³:The extra head "shares" the thoughts, memories, and spells of the Witch's first head. Both are identical in appearance. If the Witch so chooses she can cast, as a full action, two spells so long as both spells are one-action spells and require no, or only one, somatic component. For example the Witch could cast Alter Self (Verbal and Somatic) and Blasphemy (Verbal only) with each of its heads but she could not cast Alter Self and Magic Missile (both Verbal and Somatic). In addition the Second head gives the witch a +4 bonus to Spot and Listen Checks and a +2 to Will saves.


¹:The Elongated arms give the witch an equivalent of the Improved Unarmed Strike Feat.
²:The Large tail of Fraz-Urb-luu is to thick to be used as a whip but it can knock an opponent prone on a successful trip attempt. The witch receives a +2 to trip attempts with the tail. The witch can use the tail to make an Unarmed Attack against opponents causing 1d8 points of non-lethal damage. This attack does not draw AoO.


¹:The demonic eyes and ears give the witch a +2 bonus to Spot and Listen Checks.
²:These strong sharp horns can be used in addition to the regular attacks the witch is entitled to at a -5 to attack. The damage from the horns are 2d4 and has a threat range of 19-20.
³:Such is the demonic beauty of witch's of Graz'zt that they receive a +4 "racial" bonus to Charisma and are able to use Charm Person once per day.


¹:The elongated legs of the witch increase her base move by +10 feet and adds 2 feet to her height.
²:So cold is the aura that surrounds the witch that she appears as a chilling blue-gray figure. Anyone making a melee attack against her must succeed a Fort Save (DC 12 + 1/2 Witch's Level) or suffer 1d6 cold points of damage.
³:The witch increases by once Size Category (i.e. Small becomes Medium, Medium becomes Large, etc.). The witch gains +4 to strength (Stacks with Powerful Build above) and +2 Natural Armor.


¹: On a successful bite (not subject to AoO) the witch does 1d2 points of damage and the victim must make a Fort Save (DC 12 + 1/2 Witch's Level) or temporarily loose 1d6 points of Dexterity and another 1d8 points of Constitution after the onset.
²: The witch gains two extra joints on each limb. She receives a +4 to Escape Artist checks, +10 movement (though she must move using all four limbs), and a +4 to Dexterity.
³: The Spinnerets appear like two spider mandibles that protrude from the base of her jaw, just in front of her ears. From the Spinnerets the witch can "cast" Web, as an extraordinary ability, 1 per day for every three levels the witch has attained. The web sprays out in a cone, 10' for every three levels of the witch. In all other aspects this ability functions as the spell web. The witch herself is not hindered by the web, or any other "web-like" effects (i.e. other spider's webs or web spell).


¹: So thin, so sickly, does the witch of Orcus become that all piercing damage is reduced to 1/2.
²: The witch looses all flesh and organs, she becomes a Corporeal Undead in all respects.

Table 1-4: Infernal Marks
Archduke/duchess1st Mark2nd Mark3rd Mark4th Mark5th Mark
AsmodeusInfernal EyesCat-Like Grace (+4 Dex)Infernal Charisma (+2 Cha)Wings (fly 30', poor)Infernal Beauty¹
BaalzebulMultifaceted EyesFly Swarm¹Sensual Voice (+2 Bluff & Gather Info)Fly-like Wings (fly 15', Clumsy ²)Fly-like Limbs³
GlasyaSmall HornsSpiked Hands (treat as Spiked Gloves)Spiked Body¹Wings (fly 30', poor)Infernal Beauty²
MammonGolden SkinStench of the Glutton¹Horns (1d6 dmg)Wings (fly 20', clumsy)Ruby Wings²


All Abyssal Marks that can be used as melee attacks receive base attack bonuses and strength attack and damage bonuses.


¹:Infernal Beauty bestows an additional +2 to Charisma and allows the Witch to cast Charm Person or Suggestion once per day.


¹:A small swarm of flies (10-50 flies) surround the witch at all times. These flies are able to confuse those that the witch communicates with adding a +2 bonus to bluff checks. The flies also drone out lies by others giving the witch a +2 to her sense motive checks.
²:In addition to bestowing the ability to fly the witch also can produce a madding buzz with her wings that has the effects of a Confusion spell. She can use this ability 1 per day for every three levels she has attained.
³:The new, fly-like, appendages of the witch offer a +2 to Dexterity, +4 on Escape Artist checks, and allows the witch to climb surfaces as if under the effects of a continual spider climb spell.


¹:The whole body of the witch is covered with one inch spikes. All Unarmed attackers suffer 1d4 points of damage and any attempt to grapple will cause the attacker 2d8 points of damage each round.
²:Infernal Beauty bestows a +2 to Charisma and allows the Witch to cast Charm Person or Suggestion once per day.


¹:The stench of the glutton allows the witch to surround herself with a 20 foot sphere that is the equivalent of a stinking cloud spell. The witch may do this 3 times per day.
²:The ruby wings of a witch of Mammon allows the witch to cast Mass Charm 1/day and add a +2 "racial" bonus to all charisma related skill checks.

Covens: At third level the witch may, if she chooses, join a witches coven so long as the coven is of the same Master that the witch worships. At fifth level the witch may start her own coven. A coven is a grouping of three or more like-minded witches who do not necessarily live together but meet on a regular basis (usually once per month). Joining a coven offers benefits as well as drawbacks. The largest of the penalties is that the Witch must follow the High Priestess' commands. The benefits of joining a coven are as follows. All members of a coven share a limited empathy with each other. They are able to tell when one of their sisters is in trouble, pain, pleasure, etc and which sister it is. This ability works as long as they are on the same plane of existence or if one of the witches is on the master home plane of existence and the other witches are one the coven's home plane (A coven's home plane is the plane where it was consecrated). For example if a Witch of Graz'zt is summoned to Graz'zt's Abyssal Palace the rest of her coven, on the prime material plane where the coven was started, are able to empathically feel any strong emotions that the visiting witch has. Likewise the Visiting witch can tell if one of her sisters has been killed or in pain on the coven's home plane.

Sabbath & Unholy Sites. Usually once per month the witches within a coven meet (called a Sabbath) to worship and honor their master in whatever perverse and depraved rituals that the master calls for (these rituals are left up to individual DMs to allow for different groups' style of play). The witch that starts the coven decides upon the Unholy site for their Sabbaths. These usually are in old ruins, abandoned temples, caves and the like. It is rare for a coven to build their own structures (other than small wood houses/ cabins) as the construction is likely to attract unwanted attention. The Unholy site is linked to the witches' master and creating the site takes a number of days equal to the number of members in the coven. Anytime a new member joins the coven that new member must spend one day with the high priestess at the site to become linked to the coven. The high priestess has an empathy with the Unholy site that acts like a clairvoyance/clairaudience spell with the same range as that of the coven's empathy (see above). Once every ten years, divided by the number of witches in the coven, the coven as a whole may summon an avatar of their master. Usually this only serves to heighten the ecstasy of a particular Sabbath but the summoned avatar could be asked to perform certain tasks, hunt enemies, or answer questions. The avatar can only stay for one night and looses any ability to gate in allies. When an Unholy site is created the witches master's avatar appears only to "consecrate" the site but that counts as a summoning of the avatar and so the coven must way ten years (divided by their total membership) to summon the avatar again. A new member to the coven shortens the overall time for the next avatar summoning. For example; A group of four witches of Asmodeus gather together and start a coven. When they create their Unholy site they must spend 4 days at the site worshiping their master at the end of which they are a coven but they cannot summon Asmodeus' Avatar for another 913 days (10 years divided by 4, round up). After two years (730 days) the coven accepts two more members. They both must spend a day with the priestess at the site to become a member, after which the coven now has 6 members and can now summon Asmodeus' avatar (as 10 years divided by 6 members is 609 days and the coven has waited 730 days sense the last summoning. So it could be a big party to introduce the new members!). If the witch starts her own coven she is considered the High Priestess of that coven.

Feat: Candle Magic: This feat allows the witch to create candles that have spell like abilities. See DMG, and Feats: Craft Candle Magic on this website for more information.

Damage Reduction: At 16th Level the Witch gains damage reduction of 5/magic or good. At 18th level the damage reduction increases to 10/magic or good. At 20th level the damage reduction is increased to 10/magic and good.

Consort: At 11th level the witch's master deems it necessary to send a consort of his choice to keep the witch "company."

Visit Master: At 13th level the witch can plane shift to her masters abode and visit with him for a number of days equal to her level. During this time she can gain information, receive gifts, or do any number of activities so long as she does not leave her masters' abode. A witch may use this ability a number of times equal to 1/3 (round down) her level per year.

Call Master: At 16th level a witch is able to summon the avatar of her master for a number of hours equal to her level. This does not count towards the number of times the coven may summon the avatar.

Corruption: Like the monk, a witch of 20th level and greater has become attuned to the plane of her master in such a way that she is considered an outsider from that plane.

Table 1-5: Witch's Spell List1
0 level1st Level2nd Level3rd Level4th Level
Arcane MarkBaneAlter SelfBestow CurseCharm Monster
Create WaterChange SelfDetect ThoughtsContagionCommune
Detect MagicCharm PersonEnthrallDispel MagicDetect Scrying
Detect PoisonCommandHold PersonFlyDimensional Anchor
Ghost SoundsDivine FavorInflict Moderate WoundsInflict Serious WoundsDiscern Lies
Inflict Minor WoundsEntangleInvisibilityMagic Circle (any)Dismissal
Know DirectionHypnotismMake WholeMajor ImageHallucinatory Terrain
LightIdentifyMinor ImageProtection from ElementsInflict Critical Wounds
MendingInflict Light WoundsSpeak with AnimalsSpeak with DeadLesser Planar Ally
-Magic MissileSummon Monster ISpike GrowthPoison
-Obscuring MistSummon SwarmSuggestionPolymorph Self
-Pass w/o TraceUndetectable AlignmentSummon Monster IIScrying
-Protection from (any)Whispering WindTonguesSummon Monster III
-Silent ImageWood Shape--
-Unseen Servant---
5th level6th Level7th Level8th Level9th Level
Contact Other PlaneBanishmentBlasphemyAntipathyAstral Projection
Control WindsCircle of DeathControl WeatherBindingFreedom
Dominate PersonDreamGreater ScryingGreater Planar AllyDominate Monster
Flame StrikeLegend LoreHarmLimited WishGate
Insect PlaguePersistent ImageInsanitySummon Monster VIIImprisonment
Lesser Planar BindingPlanar AllyPower Word StunSymbolMiracle
NightmarePlanar BindingSummon Monster VITrap the SoulSummon Monster VIII
Plane ShiftRepulsionTeleport w/o ErrorUnholy AuraTemporal Stasis
Slay LivingSummon Monster VVisionWhirlwindWish
Summon Monster IV----
True Seeing----

1: DMs should feel free to add any and all spells from the Book of Vile Darkness to the Witch's spell list.

Starting Gold: 2d4 x 10


A witch who strays from her master's alignment looses access to all spells, spell-like abilities, covens, empathy, and the companionship of her familiar. She may not raise in levels with her witch class until she has atoned for her straying.

The Ex-witch still retains any physical appearances due to witch's marks gained. This often makes it impossible for the witch to re-enter normal society. Usually the ex-witch will be hunted by both former enemies and agents of her former master as it is rare that one leaves the coven, or the grace of the master, alive.