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Human Influence
Rod of the Rotting Bone
Wondrous Items
Eye of the Abyss, Minor





Ring of Human Influence:

The Ring of Human Influence is a powerful ring, which can affect others in their thoughts and actions. Just wearing the ring imparts a +6 ability enchantment bonus to Charisma. In addition the ring bearer may cast both charm person and suggestion, each as a standard action. The DC for charm person is 17 while the DC for suggestion is 18.

Moderate transmutation, faint enchantment; CL 8th; Forge Ring, charm person, eagle's splendor, suggestion; Price: 84,400 gp; Weight: -


Rod of The Rotting Bone:

The Rod of the Rotting Bone, Telprreg'Worruk in elven, is a fleshy bone rod, often a femur or humerus of a medium size humanoid. The Rod has the following abilities:

Used as a +2 Light Mace of Vile Damage (deals 1 point of vile damage on each successful hit). The Rod, and the mace, resize to fit the wielder's size.

Animate Dead once per day, caster level 16th.

Create Undead once per week, caster level 16th. Undead created in this way are automatically under the control of the rod's wielder.

Desecrate once per day, caster level 16th.

The rod quadruples (x4) the maximum number of undead that the wielder can control via Animate Dead spells. It does not chance the maximum HD created per spell use.

The rod helps channel negative energy with greater ease. It doubles the number of HD that the wielder can control through Rebuke/Command Undead if the wielder is a cleric.

Overpowering Evil, Necromancy; CL: 16th lvl; Craft Magic Arms & Armor, Craft Rod, Animate Dead, Create Undead, Desecrate, Vile Lance, Rebuke Undead Check (20 HD). Price 150,000 gp.



Wondrous Items

Eye of the Abyss, Minor:

This rare magical item is a large sapphire that is coveted by demons and is placed on the forehead, just above the bridge of the nose, or the most applicable place should the creature not have a humanoid head. The Eye of the Abyss adheres itself in place and can only be removed by its owner and also counts as headband in concerning the limit of magical items worn. Once per day the Eye of the Abyss can be used to stop summoned demons (through the use of a Summon Tanar'ri [Sp] ability) from returning after the duration of the summons. The Eye of the Abyss effectively cuts the link that would pull the summoned Tanar'ri back to its origin. Should the summoned demon wish to return it is allowed a Will Save (DC 22) to do so. If it fails it is left to its own designs to return. Demons that are stopped from returning by the Eye of the Abyss still must wait 1 full hour before they may use their summoning abilities. If more than one demon is called by the summons then up to 24 Hit Dice can be affected.

Overpowering Abjuration, Evil. CL: 19th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Dimensional Anchor, Greater Planar Ally or Greater Planar Binding, and Permanency (2,000 XP cost); Price: 55,000 gp; Weight: -


Shikars are rolled leaves of enchanted tobacco that, when smoked, bestow spell-like properties upon the consumer. Any spell with a Target/Range as Self or Specific Creature (much like potions) and a duration other than instantaneous can be prepared in a Shikar. One exception to this rule is any Cure spell may be cast into a Shikar, the effects of which apply directly after the consumption of the Shikar. The cost of making a Shikar is twice that as the creation costs of a scroll and the spell to be placed upon the Shikar must be an Extended Spell (taking up one spell slot higher with the use of the Extend Spell Feat) and a Maximized Spell (taking up an additional two spell slots, for a total of three, as by the Maximize Spell Feat). The highest-level spell that can be placed within a Shikar is a 5th level spell. Smoking a Shikar takes half an hour per the base level of the spell with a minimum of 15 minutes for a 0 level spelled Shikar. Once the Shikar is consumed the spell is cast upon the smoker and lasts for 24 hours (if applicable). One must smoke the Shikar uninterrupted for its duration or else the magic is lost (i.e. interruptions due to combat, the Shikar getting wet, etc.) and anything that would normally cause the spell to end does so (I.e. attacking while under an invisibility spell).

After the effects of a Shikar wear off the consumer must make a Fortitude (DC 15+spell level) or suffer 1 point per spell level of temporary Constitution damage. The exception to this is any Cure Shikar.

CL 3rd+; Craft Wondrous Item, Extend Spell Feat, Maximize Spell Feat, + Spell to be imbued into the Shikar; Price: Twice the cost of a Scroll with the same spell + 1 lb of fine tobacco (10 gp value); Weight: .1 lbs.

Common Shikars:
1st Level2nd Level
Change Self ; 60 gp, 1 day
Cure Light Wounds ; 60 gp, 1 day
Enlarge ; 60 gp, 1 day
Hide from Animals ; 60 gp 1 day
Hide from Undead ; 60 gp, 1 day
Mage Armor ; 60 gp, 1 day
Reduce ; 60 gp 1, day
Shield ; 60 gp, 1 day
Aid ; 310 gp, 1 day
Barkskin ; 310 gp, 1 day
Blur ; 310 gp, 1 day
Bull's Strength ; 310 gp, 1day
Cat's Grace ; 310 gp, 1 day
Cure Moderate Wounds ; 310 gp, 1 day
Darkvision ; 310 gp, 1 day
Invisibility ; 310 gp, 1 day
Mirror Image , 310 gp, 1day
See Invisibility , 310 gp, 1 day
Undetectable Alignment ; 310 gp, 1 day
3rd Level4th Level
Cure Serious Wounds ; 760 gp, 1 day
Displacement ; 760 gp, 1 day
Fly ; 760 gp, 1 day
Gaseous Form ; 760 gp, 1 day
Haste ; 760 gp, 1 day
Nondetection ; 760 gp, 1 day
Protection from Elements ; 760 gp, 1day
Slow ; 760 gp, 1 day
Tongues ; 760 gp, 1 day
Water Breathing ; 760 gp, 1 day
Water Walk ; 760 gp, 1 day
Cure Critical Wounds ; 1410 gp, 2 days
Detect Scrying ; 1410 gp, 2 days
Discern Lies ; 1410 gp, 2 days
Freedom of Movement ; 1410 gp, 2 days
Improved Invisibility ; 1410 gp, 2 days
Stone Skin ; 1410 gp, 2 days
5th Level
Passwall ; 2260 gp, 3 days
Cure Critical Wounds ; 2260 gp, 3 days
Ethereal Jaunt ; 2260 gp, 3 days
Righteous Might ; 2260 gp, 3 days
Spell Resistance ; 2260 gp, 3 days
True Seeing ; 2260 gp, 3 days