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('bän go - oo 'sen ge)

Type & SizeSmall Undead (Water)
Hit Dice5d12 (32 hp)
Initiative+4 (Dex)
Speed30 ft., swim 60 ft.
Armor Class18 (+1 size, +4 Dex, +3 natural), Tch/FF:
Base Attack/ Grapple+2 / -2
AttackBite +7 melee (1d4+1 plus 1d4 Constitution drain)
Full AttackBite +7 melee (1d4+1 plus 1d4 Constitution drain) and Tail +2 (1d2)
Space/Reach5 ft./ 5 ft.
Special AttacksConstitution drain, Disease, Trip
Special QualitiesDarkvision 60 ft., +2 turn resistance, undead traits
SavesFort: +1, Ref: +5, Wil: +6
AbilitiesStr: 12, Dex: 18, Con: -, Int: 6, Wis: 14, Cha: 16
SkillsHide 14, Listen 5, Move Silently 10, Spot 6
FeatsCombat Reflexes, Weapon Finesse
OrganizationSolitary, Pack (2-8)
Challenge Rating5
AlignmentAlways Neutral Evil
Advancement Range6-8 (Small); 9-12 (Medium); 13-16 (Large)

Floating on the surface of the stagnant pools is what appears to be a haphazard pile of rotting flesh and bones. As you pass by, the flotsam quickly strikes with a vague form like a small crocodile.

The ban'go-usenge is an undead creature of foul swamps and marshes created from the flesh and bones of those consumed by the environment. Usually the ban'go-usenge floats on the surface of stagnant pools, ponds, and the like until some living creature passes by. When it attacks, the ban'go-usenge takes on a form like a crocodile or alligator, only composed of stray bits of bone and flesh from many different creatures.

Ban'go-usenge are usually only three to four feet in length and often weigh less than thirty pounds.


Ban'go-usenge lie in wait for creatures to come near enough for the undead to strike quickly. Some, when working with others of its kind, have been known to apply tactics like slowly surrounding their victims first before they attack.

Consitution drain (Su): Living creatures hit with the ban'go-usenge's bite attack must succeed on a DC 15 Fortitude save or take 1d4 points of Constitution drain. The save DC is Charisma-based. On each successful attack, the ban'go-usenge gains a number of temporary hit points equal to the amount of Constitution points drained.

Disease (Ex): Filth fever; bite, Fortitude DC 15, incubation period 1d3 days, damage 1d3 Dex and 1d3 Con. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Trip (Ex): A ban'go-usenge that hits with a tail attack can attempt to trip the opponent (+4 check modifier + size modifiers) as a free action without making a touch attack or provoking an attack of opportunity. It the attempt fails, the opponent cannot react to trip the ban'go-usenge. A ban'g-usenge uses its Dexterity modifier instead of its Strength for opposed trip checks.

Skills: Due to the ban'go-usenge's natural appearance, it receives a +4 circumstance modifier to Hide and Move Silently when in swamp or marsh-like terrain.