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Stopeng (Faerie Worm)

Type & SizeTiny Fey (Earth)
Hit Dice6d6+18 (39 hp)
Speed20 ft., fly 20 ft (average), burrow 20 ft.
Armor Class25 (+2 size, +5 Dex, +8 natural), Tch/FF: 17/ 20
Base Attack/ Grapple+3 / -7
AttackBite +8 melee (1d3-2 plus 1d4 Acid)
Full AttackBite +8 melee (1d3-2 plus 1d4 Acid)
Space/Reach2 1/2 ft./ 0 ft.
Special AttacksAcid, Acid Ball, Disease, Spell-like Abilities, Spell Resistance 14
Special QualitiesDamage Reduction 5/ bludgeoning, Darkvision 120 ft., Flight, Low-light vision, Tremorsense 60 ft.
SavesFort: +7, Ref: +10, Wil: +8
AbilitiesStr: 7, Dex: 21, Con: 16, Int: 8, Wis: 16, Cha: 16
SkillsConcentration 9, Disguise 10, Hide 20, Knowledge (dungeoneering) 5, Listen 9, Move Silently 12, Spot 9
LanguagesSylvan, Terran
FeatsGreat Fortitude, Spell Penetration, Weapon Finesse (bite)
OrganizationSolitary, Hive (3-8), or Den (9-30)
Challenge Rating5
AlignmentChaotic Evil
Advancement Range7-10 HD (Medium)

Suddenly there is a flash and an orb of acid explodes around you. As you recover from the surprise attack you begin looking around to see your opponent. From the ceiling of the cave, amongst the stalactites, two foot long worm-like creatures with sharp-toothed lamprey maws, begin to descend, flying towards you, as more wink into existence around the few the dropped from the cavern's roof.

Stopengs are thought to be descendants of pixies or other sprites that had aligned themselves with the drow during the surface wars that drove the elves beneath the surface and were changed far more horribly than the dark-skinned elves. If this is the case, stopengs seems to attribute much of the cause for their suffering to the drow and often attack them on sight, or plan raids in which to hamper drow merchants and trade.

Stopeng are small, two foot long, worm like creatures. Their hard stone-like flesh is dark to light gray in color, so much so that they are often mistaken for relatives to earth elementals. They appear to have no eyes, and only a round maw at the larger end of their tube-like bodies.


Stopengs prefer to lie in wait and ambush their victims. If more than three are together they will attack first with their Acid Ball ability and then swoop in using their spells to confuse opponents into thinking they are being attacked by a horde of stopengs and other creatures.

Acid (Ex): The bite of a stopeng deals an additional 1d4 points of acid damage on a successful hit.

Acid Ball (Sp): When three or more stopengs are within 20 feet of each other, they are able to focus their will to create a flash of acid that deals 2d6 points of acid damage per stopeng participating in the attack. The effect otherwise mimics a fireball spell cast by a sorcerer whose level is equal to twice the number of stopengs participating in the casting. Targets are allowed a Reflex save, DC 16, for half damage. The DC is Charisma based.

Disease (Ex): Stone Flesh - bite, Fortitude DC 16, incubation period 1d3 days, damage 1d3 Con and 1d3 Cha. The save DC is constitution based. Stone Flesh is a disease that begins to cause the victim's body to calcify resulting in flaky skin and a hardening of the victim's arteries. The disease only affects living creatures that are of the Aberration, Animal, Fey, Giant, Humanoid, Magical Beast, Monstrous Humanoid or Vermin type where Constructs, Dragons, Elementals, Oozes, Outsiders, Plants, and Undead are immune.

Flight (Su): Stopeng are naturally buoyant. They are able to propel themselves through the air at will though anti-magic fields suspend this ability.

Spell-like Abilities: At Will: Daze Monster (DC 15), Hypnotsim (DC 14), Mirror Image, Silent Image (DC 14). 1/Day: Hold Person (DC 16).

Skills: Stopeng receive a +4 racial bonus to Disguise checks when attempting to look like natural cavern formations such as stalactites and stalagmites. Stonepeng also receive a +4 racial bonus on Hide checks when in natural caverns.