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(oo 'rwoo e)

Type & SizeTiny Humanoid (Goblinoid)
Hit Dice6d8+9 (36 hp)
Initiative+3 (Dex)
Speed30 ft.
Armor Class17 (+2 size, +3 Dex, +2 Leather armor), Tch/FF: 15/14
Base Attack/ Grapple+4 / -4
AttackTiny Scimitar +6 melee (1d3-2) or Bolas +7 ranged (1)
Full AttackTiny Scimitar +6 melee (1d3-2) or Bolas +7 ranged (1)
Space/Reach2 ft./ 0 ft.
Special AttacksEarth's Wrath, Sneak Attack +2d6, Spell-like Abilities
Special QualitiesBlindsense 120 ft., Darkvision 60 ft., Scent
SavesFort: +6, Ref: +7, Wil: +5
AbilitiesStr: 7, Dex: 16, Con: 13, Int: 8, Wis: 17, Cha: 12
SkillsBluff 2, Hide 12, Listen 8, Move Silently 12, Spot 8, Survival 6
FeatsAbility Focus (Earth's Wrath), Lightning Reflexes, Toughness
Climate/TerrainTemperate Forests and Marshes
OrganizationSolitary or Scourge (1-3 Urwu-i and 4-10 goblin warriors)
Challenge Rating7
AlignmentOften Neutral Evil
Advancement RangeBy Class

From out of nowhere you feel a pin-prick in your angle and then something twists and the pain nearly brings you to your knees. Looking down you see a greenish skinned goblin, no larger than a foot and a half tall, withdrawing its toy-like scimitar and leaping back with a laugh.

Urwu-i are small goblins with druidic ties to the land. They have greenish skin and brown, black or dark dull green hair. Occasionally they lead small bands of goblins in search of trespassers.

Urwu-i stand roughly one and a half feet tall and weigh no more than 7 or 8 pounds.


Urwu-i prefer ambush over direct confrontation and will stalk their prey until the perfect moment for using their Earth's Wrath ability.

Earth's Wrath (Su): Once per day, an Urwu-i can call upon the earth to react against opponents much in the same way as an entangle spell. Grumbling in arcane goblin, the Urwu-i calls all vegetable matter and even clumps of mud, rocks and other small debris, to reach up and ensnare opponents in 40 ft. radius. The Urwu-i can target and area to be affected up to 160 ft. away. The effect lasts for 3 minutes. All creatures within the area of effect must succeed on a Reflex save (DC 18) or be held fast in the writhing vines and earth. A held creature can defend itself, only with a -4 penalty to attacks and can only make standard actions. A held creature can try and free himself by spending a standard action, in which they are entitled to another save at the same DC. Creatures that make their saving throw (whether initially or as a later attempt) may move on their turn up to half their movement (in the case of someone freeing themselves from the effect, they may move on their turn but nothing else save other move-equivalent actions). In addition, for each round that a character stays within the affected area, they take 1d2 points of damage, no save, due to the violent attempts of the earth to trap them.

Sneak Attack (Ex): As a rogue, the Urwu-i are capable of delivering painful attacks when opponents are caught off guard.

Spell-like Abilities: At Will -calm animals (DC 14), endure elements, speak with animals, and summon Nature's Ally I. 1/day -charm animal (DC 14), cure light wounds, dominate animal (DC 16), obscuring mist and produce flame. Each of these spells is cast as if by a 6th level druid.

Skills: Urwu-i receive a +8 racial bonus to Hide and Move Silently checks and a +4 racial bonus to Listen, Spot and Survival checks.