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New Skills

SkillUntrainedKey Ability
Knowledge Monsterlore YesInt
Profession: Divination NoWis

Knowledge: Monsterlore (Int).

You are knowledgeable in areas that concern other species in the world. In taking this skill you must specify your area of Knowledge by monster Type or by Monster subtype. The following is a list of Types and Subtypes that you can select from and their 1st step relations:

Type or Subtype1st Step Relation
AberrationsMagical Beasts, Oozes, Undead
AirCold, Earth, Electricity, Fire, Water
AnimalsBeasts, Humanoids, Plants
AquaticsAnimals, Beasts, Plants, Water
BeastsAnimals, Magical Beasts
ColdAir Earth, Electricity, Fire, Water
EarthAir, Cold, Electricity, Fire, Water
ElectricityAir, Cold, Earth, Fire, Water
FeyAnimals, Humaniods
FireAir, Cold, Earth, Electricity, Water
GiantsHumanoids, Monstrous Humanoids
HumanoidsGiants, Monstrous Humanoids
Magical BeastsAbberations, Beasts
Monstrous HumanoidsGiants, Humanoids
PlantsAquatics, Animals
ShapechangersChoose One
UndeadAberrations, Constructs
WaterAir, Cold, Earth, Electricity, Fire

Check: Like other Knowledge Skills answering a question that relates to the monster type or subtype that you have chosen has a DC of 10 (for simple questions such as are orcs humanoids), DC of 15 (for basic questions such as are orcs more active during the night or day), 20 to 30 (for tough questions such as are the orcs of the Pomarj working with the orcs in the Abbor-Alz mountains and, if so, for how long have they done so). If you want knowledge on a monster that you do not have the Monsterlore skill for first look at your monster's 1st step relation. If that monster appears there apply a +5 to your skill check's DC. If the monster does not appear there apply a +10 to the DC.

Retry: No. The check represents what you know.

Special: Due to the nature of most fantasy worlds everyone has heard something about most monsters, whether in children's tales or at the tavern. This knowledge skill can be used untrained but the DC for the check is increased by +5. Should the DM deem the monster rare or very uncommon the DM can increase the difficulty accordingly.

Profession: Divination (Wis).

This skill allows access to the Divination Feat. If used alone the amount of information gained could be misleading or wrong. Should the character miss the DC of the divination by five points or more the character receives misleading or wrong information and even if the character makes the DC, without the feat Divination, the character only receives a one word answer.

The character must choose, upon gaining this skill, the format through which he/she divines. Common divination formats are; Astrology, Dreaming, Palmistry, Rolling Bones, Rune Stones, Tarot, etc. The character also must have access to the format, i.e. a clear sky for Astrology, a full nights rest for Dreaming, the Palm of the subject, or a complete undamaged bag of special Bones or Tarot deck.