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The hooded figure slowly approaches the heroes as they talk lightly of their last adventure over a round of the tavern's best ale. Before the darkly robed figure can speak, Holthar looks up and exclaims, "What?! I suppose you've come to ask us to save your daughter or your kingdom," the warrior's gesticulations spray ale from his glass and onto the stranger's boots, "or some such nonsense! Well, sir?! I've about had enough of other people's problems that they can't or won't solve for themselves! But, come, speak. What distress you that you have need of the Company of the True Heart!"

For a long moment the figure does not speak. Holthar begins to turn away from him, when a deep voice speaks from beneath the hood, "I've come to ask," the words dripped with malevolence, "to ask if you could spare a copper for some ale."

"That's all!" Holthar exclaims.

"Yes," the stranger says, "that is all. But if it's work you're looking for, I've heard the merchants in the square have been having more trouble than usual with thieves..."

Here, in the near future, you will be able to find short adventures suitable for most fantasy campaigns using the d20 game system rules. In addition, I may (once the Player-Module Knowledge statute of limitations has run out) post some longer adventures used in some of my longer run campaigns.