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"This one as well." Geren said dropping the wight's head near the creature's feet. "Like the ones back near Frozen Pass."

"They've all the same mark on their temple. Branded like cattle. But who could be doing this?" Sheilva said as she rubbed ointment on her chilled arm where one of the wights' claws had torn.

" 'Oo cares," Yiri grumbled, " 'e'll sher 'is 'ead soo'nuf, eavil always do, can't 'elp but stick dair neak oot fer all'n ta see."

A few feet away, Ferthen was strumming on his harp and humming a tune he had been working on for the past month when he looked quickly at the others, "I've got it!"

"Nun cares 'bout dat dam toon a'yerz," Yiri shot towards the minstrel.

Ferthen shook his head, "no, no. The marks. I've seen them before. Only just now did I place it." The rest of the party began to listen to him, "remember that noble, what? Two summers ago?"

"The one Yiri insulted before the court of Nezreth?" Geren said and scowled at Yiri.

"That's the one," Ferthen continued, "he and his wife both had rings with that symbol..."

Campaigns, uber-adventures, where the focus of the game is not only on one small adventure in the lives of the characters, but also the whole of the character's lives made the adventure. While a single adventure is the meat and drink of an evening's game, the campaign is the desert what's taste lasts for years.

Below are links to my various D&D campaigns. In them you can find (nearly) up to date information that the Players have access to, including character creation guidlines, and PC profiles.

Links accompanied with 'CA' is a Campaign Addition, which are settings, groups, or other ideas that can easily be implemented in campaigns other than the one for which it is designated.

GeneralForgotten Realms
Player Character Creation Guidelines (CA) Player's Primer to the Silver Marches
Silver Lining Campaign
The Rendezvous (CA)