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Skills & Feats

Skills & Feats

Elmar steps to the right and ducks, letting his enemy's rapier thrust into the open air above Elmar's shoulder. The feint works and Elmar brings his short sword up through the man's stomach. As the guard falls to the ground, Elmar hears the other man behind him. Urlmek, that's his name, Elmar thinks as he spins to face the captian of the guard. Urlmek is big and breathes loudly through his nose as he hefts his heavy mace towards Elmar's head. Elmar uses his short sword against the mace to give him the momentum to tuck and roll out of the way. The attack had been clumsy but, Elmar worries, if the Captain had put more force than finesse in the surprise attack and if the good Captain next decides to put more effort into hitting me than knocking blocks off the keep, I may be in trouble. Elmar glances over the wall of the keep and then wonderes if he can risk the jump.

Skills and Feats, the flavor added to the action, are important to every character and DM. Here are some new skills and Feats for use in your games.