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TO: Dark Side of the Moon. Company SO-NSA-2004-31.5
FROM: Company Command. Major General Donald F. Kawolski.
RE: Introduction, Company Insertion and Opposition Assessment.
I. Introduction

Welcome to the Special Forces. The National Security Association is heading up this operation and it is my great pleasure to present to them some of UCAS's finest men and women. Your commander for the operation is NSA-Field Agent Tiffany Ramierez. She is a twice decorated Major in the UCAS Marines for both her work disbanding the Universal Brotherhood in 2054 and with containing the Compensation Army incident in 2055. For the past several years she has been working with other covert operations in our European Theater.

The goal in this operation is to keep the escalating situation in Seattle, both between the Crime Syndicates and the current Corporate "War", down to a minimal. The United Canadian American States cannot allow for a break down in it's "Emerald City." There have been many attempts by various powers to wrest control of Seattle from our grasp and now is no time to loosen our grip.

II. Company Insertion

As a group you will be inserted as criminal mercenaries into the Seattle underworld to provide intelligence on the movements and plans of various elements. As a starting point each one of you will have a cover identity with deep backgrounds in the East Coast underworld; all validated by our East Coast operatives. Your goal is to uncover any threat to the Nation and the Metroplex, and report to you C-O and await for instructions as to how to deal with the situations as they arise.

If a situation is to arise that we feel needs your attention we will contact you as soon as possible and give you your commands. You will have access to what ever ordinance that a situation my call for so long as the ends justify the means. All equipment requests my take up to 48 hours for verification and allocation, so plan ahead. Call through secure channels only, to your quartermaster; Al Russou.

III. Opposition Assessment.

The Seattle Metroplex is home to nearly 3,417,614 UCAS citizens. Over half are affiliated with a major corporation and nearly 20% of them belonging to a megacorporation and so being corporate citizens and not UCAS. That leaves you with roughly 2,734,091 of the populace that you are being sent to protect the civil rights of. But be aware that you are not a police force. Save that for the tin badge. Your placement is a silent alarm that is being rung by the UCAS government in response to drek-in-fan situations that are taking place in Seattle.

Overall there are 4 major threats that your team is to be watching from various distances; Corporations, Foreign Governments, Crime Syndicates, & Miscellaneous.

A. The Corporations

As you are well aware of the current situation with the eight megacorporations causing chaos all over the world. This is a detailed threat assessment of those corporations.

i. Ares Macrotechnology
Damien Knight CEO

Ares is one of the few megacorporation giants that UCAS can count on when the chips are down. But we must acknowledge that they are a Megacorporation and have extraterritoriality. Based in Detroit, Ares Macrotechnology worked hand in glove with our forces during the Chicago Crises. It was because of them that we were able to eradicate the bug infestations. But they also gave us a surprise when they detonated the nuclear device inside the Containment Zone without authorization from the UCAS government. Of course nothing official leaked out which would allow us to make public reprimands but we have conducted several reciprocal missions against our corporate friends.

Ares presence in Seattle is, on the surface, very small. They have only a small Headquarters in Bellevue which is headed up by Karen King. Ms. King is formerly one of our own. A decorated Major of the Marine Corp. Ms King is covertly moving Ares into position for something big in the area, but as of yet we do not know what it is.

Under the surface, Ares has a strangle hold on the weapons importation and distribution in the Seattle Metroplex. Almost all the ordinance found comes from Weapon's World™ or some retailer that bought wholesale from Weapon's World™. This fact alone points to Ares as one of the biggest suppliers to criminal activities in the Metroplex.

ii. Aztechnology
Juan Atzcapotzalco CEO

Being legally banned from operating in California Free State and Tir Tairngire, as well as several of the Native American Nations, Seattle represents one of Aztechnology's only access points to the Northern Pacific Rim. Even though they have access to ports and international airports in San Diego, Aztechnology does not want to loose its place in the Seattle market.

Despite many attempts to infiltrate the depths of the Aztechnology Teocalli in Seattle, all of our attempts have failed to map the entire building. Contrary to rumors, the magical and astral space around the pyramid is not a glowing dark patch of pure evil. For all we can tell there are only rare occurrences of astral "disturbances" in the area. No more than, say in Salem, Mass. And there have been no "blood magic" rituals on the roof, as we have a geo-syncratic satellite watching them at all times. But Seattle is also in the footprint of 3 Aztlan Satellites at all times.

The one alarming anomaly that has occurred happened in mid 2055, just before the breakout in Chicago. For three consecutive nights, a Feathered Serpent, nearly twice the size of the average Feathered Serpent (approx. 40 m length, 30 m wingspan), was seen entering and exiting the roof of the pyramid between the hours of 01:35 and 03:20 exactly. There were absolutely no reports, civilian or otherwise, that a Dracoform was in the area. After that we fear that our information was being comprised as the location of our satellite was blinded by Aztechnology. When we had reestablished visual contact, some two days later, all activity appeared to have stopped.

As you know tensions between Aztechnology and our government has been strained since they tried to dock their warship, the Tezcatlipoca, at our Navel Shipyards in Everette. We have been on less than cordial relations with Aztlan and Aztechnology, but our relations are, at least, more cordial than that between Aztlan and CAS. Seattle would be a key staging ground for military action by Aztechnology, or any other nation or corporation for that matter in the northwestern continent.

One other threat from Aztechnology is their smuggling of BTLs and California Hots into the Metroplex. Their chip operations in the area are beginning to anger the Mafia and Yakuza who operate in Fort Lewis and Southern Tacoma. This particularly interests us as any selling of BTLs, or other illegal substances, to Federal Agents or Troops constitutes as a minor breach of security due to the new Bunraku brothel technology being used to gain inside information.

iii. Draco Foundation
Nadjia Daviar Director

Not yet truly a Megacorporation, the Draco Foundation is a collection of Dunkelzhan's assets under one roof. Our fear is that the Director, Vice President of the United Canadian American States, Nadjia Daviar may be a national threat. UCAS military has its theories as to where the VP came from but for the most part she is a ghost that appeared in the late thirties on the European scene. She was granted citizenship just after Dunkelzhan became a national citizen.

Unlike Lofwyr, Dunkelzhan did not collect the majority of his corporate holdings under one umbrella. Instead he kept most of his business in odd accounts and ownership through shell companies. To this day, some three years after his will was released, military intelligence does not know where all of Dunkelzhan's assets lie.

The will stirred up several problems for UCAS as its director is also second in line for Chief Commanding Officer of the UCAS military. First and foremost with Aztlan. The will calls for Aztlan to reveal several of its secrets that we have yet to attain, and the will even goes so far as to offer rewards for gaining that information; through any means.

Secondly, the will (read: The Draco Foundation) asks for the leaders of both elven nations, Tir Tairngire and Tir na nOg, to reveal their histories. This does not sit well with those nations as they like to keep their secrets. Also this includes the history of Lofwyr as he sits on the Council of Princes in Tir Tairngire.

Third the will offers a reward to anyone who infiltrates a Top Security site in the Renraku Arcology in Seattle. With the current shut down of the Arcology, and an increase of our military presence in the Metroplex due to this security breach that Renraku itself does not seem to understand, ties between Renraku and UCAS have been on edge to say the least.

Fourthly the will contains photos of NASA and Ares Mars exploration missions that have been kept hidden for some 55 years. This is a severe breach of security and we know not how Dunkelzhan obtained the photos but we feel that it was Ares responsibility for the leaking of that information.

There are more possible problems that the will may create for UCAS but the first four are the likeliest of eminent conflictions.

The opperations of the Draco Foundation are to be kept under surveillance and watched closely. Anything that would appear as a security leak for UCAS is to be stopped and reported to you C-O.

iv. Fuchi Corporation
Richard Villiers Americas CEO

The Fuchi corporation is under great strain. The company is headed up by three families; The Villiers of Fuchi Americas, the Nakatomis for Fuchi Asia and the Yamanas for Fuchi Pan-Europa. From what we can gather the whole of Fuchi is crumbling. The rivalry with Renraku has hit the streets and has been running hard for two years now and both of the corporations are hurting from the industrial espionage. Fuchi also hit it hard when Fuchi America's head of Security took a seat on the board of directors at Renraku thanks to Dunkelzhan's will. It is known that several corporate secrets, security and R&D, were leek through the ex-Fuchi to Renraku.

One of the most interesting turn of events has been Richard Villiers creation of his own corporation Novatech. Completely unassociated with Fuchi in any way that we can tell, save for both having the same CEO, we feel that this is Villiers creation of something along the lines of a safety net where if Fuchi falls he will still come out with something. This is much the same feeling that the stock market is having.

At this point in time there is not much of a threat from Fuchi towards UCAS. It is only the trouble that Fuchi and Renraku have been causing in the streets of UCAS cities that has given rise to our concern. So we must not forget Fuchi, but can leave them on the back burner for the moment.

v. Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
Toshiro Mitsuhama CEO

MCT is one of the largest megacorporations in the world. Second only to Saeder-Krupp. Despite the on going "corporate war" MCT has continued to go about things business as usual. We have tracked several conflict between MCT and other corporations throughout the world but 60% of all conflicts have seen MCT come out on top.

As a corporation, MCT is fearful by its size. It is the companies members that give rise to our attention. From information gathered over the last 12 years we count 95% of all top management of MCT to be Yakuza affiliated and with the current schism of the Shoto-gumi in Seattle from the rest of the Yakuza this could bring about dangerous situations in Seattle.

vi. Renraku
Inazo Aneki CEO

It is because of the shutdown and lock up of the Renraku Arcology that Seattle is now housing the Joint Task Force Seattle which consists of 5000+ military land and air personnel. Although not officially a part of the Task Force your presence in the Metroplex is closely related.

After the Arcology's systems went off line, Renraku flew in some 1000+ Red Samurai guard to deal with the situation. We feel that this posses a threat to Seattle and UCAS as nearly 100,000 Renraku citizens are in an un-moniterable state. With the 10,000+ UCAS, and/or other corporate/national citizens, trapped inside, including Seattle's Governor Schultz, we feel it is in our best interests to find out what has happened. For all we know there are a 100,000 people being converted into a military force to take over Seattle. However unlikely this is we cannot have Renraku troops occupying UCAS soil.

Over the past several years Renraku has made leaps and bounds in the computer technology fields. How ever much the media points towards the acquisition of Miles Lainer of Fuchi Security our intelligence points towards the research and development of a single elf of extraordinary ability. It seems that a couple of years ago this elf, who called himself Leonardo simultaneously infiltrated eight of the largest megacorporations computer systems and shut them all down. Our reports indicate that this Leonardo asked for the sum of upwards around 20 billion ¥ for the security that he would not permanently crash them again. As far as we can tell only Renraku was able to make the payment in return for sophisticated technology that the elf was able to produce. Although we are unable to pinpoint Leonardo's location, we feel that anyone with such capabilities is a national threat.

vii. Saeder-Krupp
Lofwyr CEO

Dragons, as individuals, are the single biggest threat to national security. The fact that a dragon runs, owns and operates the largest megacorporation in the world, the largest and most profitable organization in the world, makes Saeder-Krupp one of the most watched entities by UCAS intelligence. Unlike California Free State, Tir na nOg, Tir Tairngire, Aztlan, and nameless others, UCAS does not prohibit the operations of Saeder-Krupp within the boundaries of the nation. The federal government feels that dragons are much better suited to being our allies than our enemies.

As such, Saeder-Krupp plays a low profile in the Seattle Metroplex. There is no division head in the city and most assets are shell companies or business with fringe association to Seader-Krupp.

One thing that seems certain is that there is rarely a Saeder-Krupp operation, movement, production, or venture that does not go past Lofwyr's eyes first. As if omnipotent, the great dragon seem to have his claws in every aspect of his "pet" company's life.

viii. Shiawase Corporation
Tadashi Shaiwase CEO

Engaging nepotism as if a form of art, the Shiawase Corporation is headed and run almost completely by the Shiawase family under Tadashi Shaiwase. One of the corporations highest priorities is to gain as much influence in the energy and resources field. Nearly 40% of the worlds nuclear reactors are of Shiawase make.

On the surface Shiawase appears to be the most straight forward of the megacorporations and as far as our intelligence can tell is that is correct. Where Saeder-Krupp, Aztechnology, Renraku, Fuchi and MCT are at the top of the list for illegal activities, Shiawase is the lowest. This, however, does not mean to say that Shiawase is not above corporate espionage. In Seattle, there have been several cases of Shiawase sabotaging its own operations and placing blame on the rival power corporation Geatronics. Geatronics is the corporation that supplies Seattle with its power and is a Salish-Shidhe based business.

ix. Wuxing, Inc.
Wu Lung-Wei CEO

The newest of the triple A corporations, Wuxing is the odd man out. Some would say that Wuxing only achieved it status because of Dunkelzhan's will. But there is a fair amount of evidence to support that Wuxing would have made it into the top tier sooner or later.

As the only Chinese based megacorporation Wuxing is fighting the "Japancorps" tooth and nail. With the establishment of the Pacific Prosperity Group (PPG) and Wuxing at its head, the corporation has made great strides into the primarily Japanese controlled markets.

Other than magical bequeaths from Dunkelzhan's will there is little threat, to UCAS, that can be discerned from this up and comer. Though there have been many rumors as to Wuxings involvement with both the Triads and the Eastern Dragon Lung, none of the rumors have be substantiated.

x. Yamatetsu
Saru Iwano CEO

When a Japanese corporation gets taken over by an Ork and makes a major move of its headquarters to Vladvostok, Russia all the while a Free Spirit, named Buttercup of all things, has sat on the board of directors for over fifteen years there is sure to be trouble where you find Yamatetsu.

Yamatetsu has been a quiet giant in the shadow community until eight years ago when it was involved with the insect spirits that were a part of the CrashCart debacle. After that, Yamatetsu has stepped up its presence in the shadow world and is often found at the head of many operations. Intelligence has found no trace of Insect spirits heading up the corporation and feel that this is mostly due to the free spirit, Buttercup. This entity seemed to know and understand the nature of the insect spirits even before the Universal Brotherhood appeared and took appropriate measures to stop any of the infiltrating insects.

Yamatetsu is out to make money, like all the megacorporations and in pursuit of that goal often the rights of UCAS citizens get thrown to the way side.

B. Foreign Governments
i. California Free State

As a nation, the California Free State is a joke. In the north, the only form of government is who has the upper hand. With Tir Tairngire elves, wandering Gypsy tribes, Racist cities, and a great Dragon all vying for control or to keep others from controlling, the north is something of a free for all.

The bay area of San Francisco boarders on a military state and mere anarchy. The Japanese occupy San Francisco and repel anyone they do not feel meets their standards across the bay. Across they bay is an overcrowded population of criminals and metahumans that live from one day to the next walking the line of rebellion and subjection.

The coast of CFS, south of San Francisco to Los Angles, is controlled by pirates that operate out of the various small bays. They often work to destroy the Japanese presence in San Francisco, which works to our advantage, but due to their small size and limited resources they resort to minor operations.

Los Angles is a Free City and not subject to the rule of the rest of CFS. Its government is as near to breaking down as are many of the cities residence. Only the largest and most armed of corporations use the docks at Long Beach. It is the entertainment industry, and that industry alone, that supplies Los Angles with any semblance of law and order.

Sacramento, the capital, is the only city in CFS that adheres to the rules that the government creates. Even then, the lawlessness of the surrounding areas give it little hope of creating a consolidated nation.

The biggest threat of CFS is the presence of the Japanese Imperial Navy in San Francisco. With such a close proximity to Seattle, it is conceivable that the Japanese may use San Francisco as a jump point for any take over to "liberate" Seattle. Due to Japan's close ties with three of the largest corporations, the possibility of a joint take over to levy the taxes that Seattle enforces is a dangerous possibility.

ii. Imperial Japan

The Japanese have constantly walked the border of friend and foe to the UCAS. On one had their economic presence has been a great boon but they have also stepped into the realm of becoming a military state. They currently oversee the rule of the Philippines and several other islands in the Pacific and now oversee the government of CFS through San Francisco.

Along with their military presence, the Japanese also export one other threat to national security, that being the Yakuza (see below). The highest ranks of the Japanese military and government are rife with Yakuza presence. And one can be sure that if the Yakuza want something badly enough Imperial Japan will humbly bow to make it so.

iii. Kingdom of Hawai'i

Hawai'i represents a threat only in that is has access to the military instillations that were left when Hawai'i gained its freedom. When the problems of the 2010's began to arise in the western parts of the former United States we moved most of our secret military installations, Groom Lake, China Lake, Roswell Proving grounds, and others, to Hawai'i to keep our secrets safe from attacks that were being waged on the government. When Hawai'i broke away we moved as much of the hardware and information as we could but there were items left over.

With the influx of corporate backing and this technology, Hawai'i now maintains a small but elite military force. With this in mind, Hawai'i relies upon Seattle as its main port to the mainland. So far Hawai'i has been content with its small territory but it has the resources and the ability to make incursions to other areas if they felt the need.

iv. Salish-Shidhe Council

The collection of tribes and cities know as the Salish-Shidhe Council is the most diverse of all the Native American Nations. As a whole SSC is a nation whose goals and ideals are much aligned to that of UCAS. It is only the Cascade Crow, the Makah, and the Cascade Ork, all of which are various tribes in SSC, that posse a concern to UCAS.

The Cascade Crow are the most anti-non-Amerindian tribe within the council and actively take part in political campaigns within the nation to aquire Seattle and assimilate it with the SSC. We also have intelligence linking them to political espionage and various paramilitary activities in Seattle to help them attain their goal. Although nothing conclusive has been found in regards to their operations, the Crow represent 90% of any problems that UCAS-SSC relations encounter. It was the Crow that mobilized military units on the boarder of Seattle when flight 1118 crashed on the outer edge of Redmond.

The Makah only represent a threat in that this tribe is the owner and manager of the SSC military. They tend to be anti-non-Amerindian but keep their thoughts quiet as they also like the business and the trade that Seattle, as a free port, offers.

The Cascade Ork are a threat as they have anarchist ideals and a total disregard for anyone other than themselves. The Orks run one of the largest and most successful smuggling routes in the whole of the Americas. For now the Cascade Ork are a benefit to our goals. With their "ask no questions, save where's the nuyen," attitude they will help nearly any organization. They operate their own mining and drilling facilities and use these to launder their smuggling proceeds.

v. Sioux Nation

The largest national treat to UCAS lies in the Sioux nation's military focused government. Bordering our nation to the west, the Sioux often perform military exercises just west of the Dakota's, keeping UCAS on its toes. The Sioux also represent the largest unified nation to still want the expulsion of all non-Amerindians.

As a whole, the Sioux nation represents only a small threat to Seattle, as they share no boarder with the city. However, they do rely on Seattle as a transportation hub. Although they have built up the airports in Cheyenne most of their land and sea transportation comes through Seattle and is then transported through the SSC by land.

vi. Tir Tairngire

As one of the first meta-human nations in the world, the Tir represents a source of great innovation for the world's markets. Unfortunately, Tir Tairngire maintains a state that is shrouded in secrecy. They import only what they need to survive and export high level cyber and biotechnologies as well as lumber and other resources.

How the Tir came into existence is one of the largest questions that UCAS intelligence needs to know. Where they received their hardware of satellites and the ability to launch them has been narrowed down to Ares and Saeder-Krupp. Saeder-Krupp is the most likely candidate as its president sits as one of the Princes in the Tir government.

UCAS intelligence has linked Tir Tairngire, or one of its princes, with many covert operations that have taken place in the world. Nearly 13% of all covert operations and national espionage in the past 10 years has been attributed to either Tir operatives or operations taking place against the elven nation.

Remarkably the Tir posses little threat to Seattle as relations between the Metroplex and the elves has improved remarkable over the years and Tir Tairngire receives some of the lowest taxes that the Seattle government allows. This fact makes the Tir a small threat as if they did manage a take over of the Metroplex the amount of resources that they would spend to keep the city running would far outweigh the gains of a nearly tax free port.

vii. Tsimshian

The Tsimshian nation is currently in a state of upheaval. Near civil war, the Tsimshian's various tribes bicker among themselves. Where the majority dominate the minority and treat them as second class citizens. One thing that is for certain is that any Anglo, African, or Asian is a fourth or fifth class citizens if not dead.

To unorganized at this point to be of any real threat to UCAS or Seattle the Tsimshian prove only to be a nuisance. They do some smuggling through Seattle but mostly work out of Vancouver.

C. Crime Syndicates
i. Ancients

The Ancients are a large gang operation that has its ties with the Tir Tairngire government and have operations around the world. In Seattle the Ancients seem to be the main tool that Tir Tairngire uses to get around any restrictions that the Metroplex places on the elven nation.

As an organization the Ancients primarily focus on smuggling and terrorist activities as well as extortion, prostitution, hijacking, fencing and fixing. Although their operations tend to be much smaller that the other crime syndicates they are still a force to be reckoned with.

ii. Cutters

The Cutters are a gang much like the Ancients in that they have sects around the world. The Seattle base is currently recovering from a calculated biological attack some time back in the mid 50's. They used to be a prime source for illegal operations in the Metroplex and we expect to see them climb their way back up.

One of the main reasons for the Cutters success is that they organize like a corporation and are out for the money.

iii. Mafia

Hit hard in the mob war that moved through Seattle, the Mafia have finally hit calm waters. The new boss has been selected, a Maurice Bigio and it would appear that the other Seattle families are falling in line. With the current schism of the Yakuza we feel that the Mafia will be the first to exploit the Shoto-Gumi's separation from the Yakuza of Japan.

iv. Seoulpa Rings

The Seoulpa Rings are small, primarily Korean, gangs that operate separately save in times of crises or when an operation is to small for one sect to handle. As a whole they represent a power to reckon with but because of their loose organization they are nothing like the national threat that the Yakuza, Mafia, and Triads are.

v. Triads

The Triads are a dangerous organization as they are very secretive, almost never allowing a non-Chinese into their rank, and they rely heavily on magic to pursue their goals. It is rumored that the supreme leader of the Triads is the great eastern dragon Lung. Although we have not been able to confirm this rumor we have not been able to deny it.

vi. Yakuza

The Seattle Yakuza have separated from the main hub of international Yakuza, of which is lead by the Yakuza situated in Japan. The current Gumi of Seattle is trying to keep Seattle to himself despite the calming of the Mafia's problems and the insertion of mainland Yakuza to take control of the Metroplex. The Yakuza are also rumored to be lead by a great dragon, Ryumyo, but again, like all dragon-behind-the-scenes rumors, this has not been confirmed.

D. Miscellaneous
i. Humanis Policlub, Alamos 20,000, and the Human Nation

As the site of the instigation for the Night of Rage, Seattle is home to many racist factions which feel that the rights of UCAS citizens are first dependent upon their genetic code. Carl Brackhaven, brother to Kenneth Brackhaven former candidate for UCAS president, is head of both the Brackhaven Corporation and the Humanis Policlub of Seattle.

Alamos 20,000 has been relatively quiet on the terrorist front sense their destruction of the Sears Towers in Chicago. We have tracked many of the members movements to Seattle and intelligence is betting that it isn't for a vacation.

The Human Nation is, as far as we can discern, a rumor. Supposedly the organization that controls both Humanis Policlub, Alamos 20,000 and others like The Order and the KKK, it is made up of the super-rich and powerful.

ii. Insect Spirits

Just before the eruption of the Hive in Chicago UCAS learned of the notoriety of the Universal Brotherhood and began operations to shut them down. It was just one month before all were eradicated that the hive in Chicago broke loose. As is Chicago, some insect shamans and queens have escaped into the outlying areas of Seattle. If any are discovered take appropriate action.

iii. Toxic Shamans

Within the city proper of Seattle there is little chance of encountering Toxic Shamans. But in the surrounding areas of the Metroplex we have tracked the movements of at least 4. Two in the Redmond district, One in Puyallup, and one other in Everette. Their locations as of now are unknown, as are their goals.

iv. Vampires

A few months ago a compound was discovered in Seattle that was nearly completely destroyed. Inside, our operatives found several bodies of cybered humanoids all of which, when tested, were positive with HMHVV. What was going on at this compound seemed to be genetic testing of the HMHVV and its application to various meta-humans.

This points us to look for a rise in the infected in Seattle in the near future.