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Where's the NERPS! vol. I

<<Full Sensory Y/N? N>>
<<Please Select Subject: Food, New Brands>>
<<FOUND Subject: Food, New Brands>>
<<Please Select Topic: Candy, Junk Food>>
<<FOUND Subject: Candy, Junk Food>>

To: All Departments

From: R&D; Jane Weatherby Assistant Director.

We are all excited here at the N&N/Venus™ Research and Development Division for the spring quarter of 2059. This quarter is likely to be one of our best since the horrible N&N-Opium scandal two years back. We have summarized in this report the new products for our mid September production line as well as sent samples, both physical morsels as well as virtual, to all other departments for all to enjoy. Of course the more perishable products will not be enclosed physically.

Hope you all enjoy!

J. Weatherby AD.

Zapper N&N's™

Coming in both original, chocolate flavor, and fruity-tuity chocolate blast, the Zapper N&N's takes the customer to a new level with caffeine enrichment sure to jump start everyone's day with a smile. One regular pack of Zappers comes with as much caffeine as two shots of espresso.

>Just what my boys need; more caffeine!
>Mother of Two.

>No one can get enough of the fundamental building block of life. Go N&N!

Novaburst Blaster Pack™

Targeted for the young Bruce Willis Jr. wannabies, the Blaster pack still punches that high caliber fruity taste but comes in an pistol toy case that 'pops' the candies into the awaiting mouths of hunger kids. We are currently working with Ares for the rights to use the Predator™ heavy pistol.

>Bang! Bang Yum! I can' wait to see the look on the next Lone Star pig that pads me down and finds this. 'Duh, Sorry officer I was just looking fer some action tonight.' Ha!

>Can anyone say "Choking Hazard?"

Bubble Guggle™ 'the gooey gummy drink'®

With new innovations in gum bases and soy-based polycarbonates, we are proud to be the first to introduce the SolidCarb™ compound. While in a vacuum Bubble Guggle stays as a carbonated liquid. But within a minute of exposure to air the liquid quickly solidifies into a gum base that is chewable for hours before it looses taste.

Work is currently underway for a cheap one way air sealed bottle cap so as to sell Bubble Guggle in larger quantities and not have it solidify after opening.


>Yes, but great for practical jokes. I got my hands on some proto-type Bubble Guggle and poured it on the work station of a certain corps security decker. Boy when that stuff solidifies in-between and underneath a keyboard it's a slitch to clean out.

>You risked life and limb to get a hold of a proto-type gum! You need to get a life!

>>SEARCH: Simsence. Virtual Globes. 2058
<<FOUND Subject>>
<<Select Form: EW press release.
<<FOUND Subject>>

Virtual Globe Awards

Last night, at the Virtual Globes, Hollywood was in full form. Not even riots in, and out, of El Inferno could stop the power house of awards that were handed out to the best of the best of simsence.

>That's LaLa Land for you! Riots over the Virtual Globes. Drek, the price of electricity is up at the gas station...I think I'll steal and loot. Oh a chip head who shop lifted a hair brush is jailed...I think I'll riot. I'm fragging glad I live in Seattle.
>Slip n' Sleaze

>You drek headed frag faced Seattle based McHugh licken Dooz No Qua bastard! You don't know squat you (8.3 Mp Deleted by sysop.)
(LongSword has been Logged Off.)

>Sorry, this is my punishment; to watch over the Nerps files. Damn you Shiva.

>Just to clear things up. The riots last month were not even closely related to the Virtual Globes. One of the reactors at Long Beach leaked, I guess it over heated or something, don't know nuclear physics, but the drek hit the fan and the people hit the streets. And LongSword, chummer, It is Dzoo Noo Qua, O.K.

One of the highlights of course was Jacob's Deck. This dark, film noir, was nominated for eight VGs; including Best Director, Best Over All Simulated Senses, Best Actor and Best Visual Sense. Although it only walked away with one, Best Script, the appearance and actions of the cast and crew certainly made the night for many VG fans.

Other notables were: On the Docks, Kyle Henderson's directorial vision of the Night of Rage, which won Best Director. Whitney Evelyon took Best Actress for her role of Ester in Paul Eg's A Tulip's Petal. And Fred Waters took home Best Over All Simulated Senses for his Action-Erotica film A Blade to Love By.

>On the Docks was one of the worst pieces of trash to ever hit chip. It totally down played the involvement of Humanis and Alamos 20k making it look like it was unorganized and chaos on all sides. It's drek like this that keeps metahumanity in its well watched place.

>You want to know why, chummer? Just look at the producers, in between Sheril Togashi and Ike Topper there lies Robert Pole. One of LA's finest Humanis skum. Last year alone Mr. Pole donated 4.5 million to various political movements. Humanis received over 80% of that money.

>Bulldrek. For one Robert Pole has been aggressively against metahuman bias, just look at his newspaper's weekly forum "Open Mind" which advocates love and unity and drek. And secondly why in all the nodes would he help produce one of the years most anti-race hate movies with Sheril Togashi, active O.R.C. member and Ike, we like, Topper who, two years ago had his exhibit at the L.A. County Museum of Art which was titled "Many Faces, One Soul!"

>Your answer lies at Rockford.1132.file.101Pole.fle

>Who cares about that drek, just give me more of Lisa Vindin's body in A Blade to Love By. Wow!