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Shadowrun Books: Game World Chronology

The following list is an 'in game' chronological compilation of all Shadowrun books (save novels), main books, and screens. This is to help in assisting GMs who wish to run campaigns set in years other than the most current game product year. For example, if a GM wishes to run a campaign at the beginning of 2054 then the GM can reasonably state that players can access the Shadowland compilation on Germany, but the Lone Star post has yet to be completed. Though this does not infer that the GM does not have access to the information found in later books.

These dates are based on either one of four things. First, for older Shadowun books (those with time/date stamps that accompany the posts of the various 'on-line' personalities) the date listed is the latest time/date stamp found in that book. Second, in the later Shadowrun books the personality/Sysop Captin Chaos begins each book with a prelude that he is considerate enough to date. These preludes are like a final editor's note before the publishing of those books onto Shadowland. Third, Shadowrun Adventures usually include either a piece of fiction, time/date dialogue, an actual timeline, or a handout that can be used to reasonably date the adventure. Lastly, the date is guesswork. Where the year is often easy to determine (by using the back cover excerpt, a mention of the year in the text, etc.), the month, and even more so for the day, is often approximated with reference to other books whose dates are known.

In the table below, Adventures are in Italics. Dates in Bold are approximations and have a 90% accuracy for the year given, 40% accuracy for the month, and no accuracy is claimed for actual days. * Books have a discrepancy between Jackpoint date at beginning of book and last date listed. A book with (p) indicates a pdf-only/e-book and (up) indicates unpublished but existing as a pdf. And the Shadowrun Missions series of adventures are not yet included.

Books with two publishing dates are usually updates for second edition.

101-Jan-2050Silver Angel1989
202-Jan-2050Sprawl Sites
315-Jan-2050 Queen Euphoria 1990
415-Jan-2050 Bottled Demon 1990
501-Apr-2050 Mercurial 1989
601-Jul-2050 Harlequin 1990
717-Aug-2050 Dreamchipper 1989
812-Oct-2050 Grimoire (1st ed.) 1990
912-Dec-2050 DNA/DOA 1989
1017-Dec-2050 Seattle Sourcebook 1990
1125-Dec-2050 Street Samurai Catalogue 1989/1993
1220-Feb-2051 Paranormal Animals of North America l 1990
1308-Jun-2051 Ivy & Chrome 1991
1423-Jun-2051 Universal Brotherhood 1990
1508-Sep-2051 Dark Angel 1993
1609-Oct-2051 Imago 1992
1709-Oct-2051 Dragon Hunt 1991
1814-Nov-2051 Total Eclipse 1991
1930-Apr-2052 NeoAnarchist's Guide to North America 1991
2013-Aug-2052 Rigger Black Book 1991
2118-Mar-2052 Native American Nations v. I 1991
2214-Jun-2052 London Sourcebook 1991
2330-Aug-2052 Native American Nations v. II 1991
2401-Jan-2053 Grimoire (2nd ed.) 1992
2503-Jan-2053 Virtual Realities 1991
2603-Jan-2053 Shadowtech 1992
2705-Apr-2053 Shadowbeat 1992
2820-May-2053 Elven Fire 1992
2914-Aug-2053 Celtic Double-Cross 1993
3025-Aug-2053 One Stage Before 1992
3126-Sep-2053Paranorma Animals of Europe1993
3204-Jan-2054 NeoAnarchist's Guide to Real Life 1992
3302-Apr-2054 Corporate Shadowfiles 1993
3410-Jun-2054A Killing Glare1993
3510-Jun-2054 Urban Brawl 1993
3619-Jun-2054 Tir Tairngire 1993
3722-Nov-2054 Tir na nOg 1993
3808-Dec-2054 Fields of Fire 1994
3915-Dec-2054 Lone Star 1994
4019-Dec-2054 Paradise Lost 1994
4129-Dec-2054 Germany Sourcebook 1992/1994
4201-Jan-2055 Eye Witness 1994
4301-Jan-2055 Double Exposure 1994
4401-Jan-2055 Harlequin's Back1994
4517-Jun-2055 Divided Assets 1994
4602-Jun-2055 Denver The City of Shadows 1994
4730-Nov-2055Prime Runners1994
4831-Dec-2055 Corporate Security Handbook 1995
4921-Jan-2056 Bug City 1994
5013-May-2056 Aztlan 1995
5124-Dec-2056 Virtual Realities 2.01995
5204-Feb-2057 Awakenings 1995
5318-Feb-2057 California Free State 1996
5422-Mar-2057 Super Tuesday 1996
5529-Apr-2057 Cybertechnology 1995
5622-May-2057Winternight (up)?
5726-Jun-2057 Threats 1996
5815-Aug-2057 Shadows of the Underworld 1996
5919-Sep-2057 Shadowrun Companion (1st ed.) 1996
6012-Oct-2057 Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzhan's Will 1996
6101-Jan-2058 Rigger 2 1997
6228-Jan-2058 Mob War 1997
6329-Jan-2058 Underworld Sourcebook 1997
6405-Apr-2058 Target: UCAS 1997
6515-Jun-2058 Missions 1997
6601-Jan-2059 Predator & Prey1998
6720-Jan-2059 Cyberpirates 1997
6802-Jul-2059 Target: Smuggler's Havens 1998
6901-Jan-2060 Magic in the Shadows 1999
7001-Jan-2060Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book2004
7110-Feb-2060 Renraku Shutdown 1999
7228-Jul-2060 Blood in the Boardroom 1998
7308-Aug-2060 New Seattle 1999
7415-Oct-2060 Corporate Punishment 2000
7501-Jan-2061 First Run 1999
7601-Apr-2061 Man & Machine 1999
7721-Apr-2061 Corporate Download 1999
7830-Apr-2061 Brainscan 2000
7901-May-2061 Matrix 2000
8001-Jul-2061 Cannon Companion 2000
8102-Aug-2061 Target: Matrix 2000
8201-Oct-2061 Rigger 3 2001
8307-Dec-2061 Shadowrun Companion (2nd ed.?) 1999
8410-Feb-2062 Wake of the Comet 2002
8517-Mar-2062 Year of the Comet 2001
8612-Jun-2062 Target: Awakened Lands 2001
8701-Jul-2062 Survival of the Fittest 2002
8811-Jul-2062 Threats 22001
8914-Aug-2062 Shadows of North America 2001
9016-Sep-2062 Target: Wastelands 2002
9105-Jan-2063 State of the Art: 2063 2002
9216-Feb-2063 Dragons of the Sixth World 2003
9330-Apr-2063 Sprawl Survival Guide 2003
9402-Jun-2063 Shadows of Europe 2004
9520-Dec-2063 State of the Art: 20642004
9619-Feb-2064 Loose Alliances2005
9701-Aug-2064 Shockwaves (up)2003/2006
9815-Aug-2064 Shadows of Asia2005
9901-Jan-2065 Shadows of Latin America (up)NA
10003-Nov-2065 System Failure2005
1011-Jan-2070On the Run2006
10203-Feb-2070 Runner Havens2006
10311-Apr-2070 Street Magic2006-2010
10420-Aug-2070 Augmentation2007
10531-Dec-2070 Emergence*2007
10601-Jan-207110 Gangs (p)2007
10717-Feb-2071 Corporate Enclaves2007
10820-Apr-2071 Arsenal2007-2008
10901-May-2071Bad Moon Rising In The East (p)2008
11009-May-2071 Unwired2008
11115-Jul-2071 Runner's Companion2008-2010
11213-Oct-2071 Feral Cities2008
11313-Oct-2071Ghost Cartels2008
11401-Jan-2072Digital Grimoire (p)2008
11501-Jan-2072Seattle 20722009
11615-Jan-2072Dusk (Dawn of the Artifacts I)2009
11725-Jan-2072Midnight (Dawn of the Artifacts II)2010
11808-Feb-2072>Darkest Hour (Dawn of the Artifacts III)2010
12001-Mar-2072New Dawn (Dawn of the Artifacts IV)2011
12105-Mar-207210 Jackpointers (p)2010
12209-May-2072 Corporate Guide2010
12303-Jul-2072 Running Wild2009
12430-Jul-2072This Old Drone (p)2010
12519-Aug-2072Parazoology (p)2011
12630-Aug-2072The Way of the Adept (p)2011
12719-Sep-2072Unfriendly Skies (p)2011
12804-Oct-2072The Rotten Apple: Manhattan (p)2009
12910-Nov-2072 Sixth World Almanac2010
13006-Feb-2073 War!2011
13120-Feb-2073 MilSpecTech (p)2011
13220-Feb-2073 Runner's Black Book2011
13321-Mar-2073 Attitude2011
13419-May-2073 Spy Games2011
13501-Jun-2073 A Fistful of Credsticks (Horizon I)2011
13615-Jun-2073 Gun Heaven (p)2011
13701-Jul-2073 Anarchy Subsidized (Horizon II)2011
13815-Jul-2073 Colombian Subterfuge (Horizon III)2011-2012
13923-Jul-2073 Deadly Waves (p)2011
14014-Aug-2073 Street Legends2011
14115-Aug-2073 Damage Control (Boardroom Backstabs I)2012
14202-Sep-2073 Artifacts Unbound2011
14326-Oct-2073 Conspiracy Theories2011
14413-Dec-2073 Corporate Intrigue2011
14514-Dec-2073 State of the Art 2073 (p)2012
14617-Dec-2073 Sail Away, Sweet Sister (p)2014
14721-Dec-2073 Street Legends Supplemental (p)2012
14801-Jan-2074 99 Bottles (p)2011
14907-Feb-2074 Jet Set2012
15028-Feb-2074 Safehouses (p)2012
15128-Feb-2074 Used Car Lot (p)2012
15206-Mar-2074 The Twilight Horizon2012
15312-Mar-2074 Parabotany (p)2012
15415-Mar-2074 Sacrificial Limb (Boardroom Backstabs II)2012
15501-Apr-2074 Street Legends Home Edition (p)2012
15628-Apr-2074 Hazard Pay2012
15710-May-2074 Gun Heaven 2 (p)2012
15828-May-2074 Magical Societies (p)2012
15915-Jul-2074 Elven Blood (p)2012
16020-Jul-2074 Clutch of Dragons2012
16127-Jul-2074 MilSpecTech 2 (p)2012
16203-Aug-2074 Another Rainy Night (p)2012
16311-Sep-2074 The Land of Promise (p)2012
16402-Nov-2074 Dirty Tricks 2012
16513-Dec-2074 Montreal 2074 (p)2012
16627-Dec-2074 Sim Dreams & Nightmares (p)2013
16712-Jan-2075 The Way of the Samurai (p)2013
16818-Jan-2075 Storm Front2012-2013
16920-Feb-2075 Euro War Antiques (p)2012-2013
17015-Mar-2075 Splintered State2013
17115-Apr-2075 Street Grimoire2014
17215-Jun-2075 10 Mercs (p, 4TH 20A)2013
17317-Jun-2075 Firing Line (p, 5TH & 4TH 20A)2013
17403-Aug-2075 Parazoology 2 (p, 4TH 20A)2013
17511-Nov-2075 The Assassin's Primer (p)2013
17630-Nov-2075 Coyotes (p)2013
17701-Dec-2075 Sprawl Wilds (5TH & 4TH 20A)2013
17819-Dec-2075 Gun Heaven 3 (p, 5TH & 4TH 20A)2013
17901-Jan-2075 London Falling2014
18009-Apr-2076 Run & Gun2014
18110-Apr-2076 Stolen Souls2014
18211-Apr-2076 Aetherology (p, 5th & 4TH 20A)2014
18315-Apr-2076 Run Faster2014-2015
18424-May-2076 Bullets & Bandages (p, 5TH & 4TH 20A)2014
18502-Sep-2076 Shadow Spells (p)2014
18603-Sep-2076 Lockdown2014-2015
18701-Nov-2076 Battle of Manhattan (Boardroom Backstabs III)2015
18820-Dec-2076 Shadows in Focus: Sioux Nation (p)2014-2015
18901-Jan-2077 Ten Terrorists (p)2015
19007-Feb-2077 Bloody Business2015
19115-Feb-2077 Shadows in Focus: City by Shadow: Cheyenne (p)2015
19226-May-2077 Data Trails2014-2015
19315-Jun-2077 Shadows in Focus: Sioux Nation: Starving the Masses (p)2015
19412-Jul-2077 Chrome Flesh2015
19501-Aug-2077 Boundless Mercy2015
19601-Sep-2077 Rigger 5.02015-2016
19724-Sep-2077 Shadows in Focus: City by Shadow: Butte (p)2015
19812-Oct-2077 Shadows in Focus: Sioux Nation: Counting Coup (p)2015
19928-Nov-2077 Hard Targets2015
20028-Dec-2077 Shadows in Focus: City by Shadow: San Francisco Metroplex (p)2016
20115-Jan-2078 Serrated Edge (Denver 1)2016
20220-Feb-2078 Market Panic2016