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do you know where your meatbody is?

Unfortunately, I am not currently running a Shadowrun campaign and so, due to school, work, and my other campaigns, this area of the website will be slow to update and only contains some of my older works.

Where Dungeons & Dragons is the game that I grew up playing, it is Shadowrun that both matured me as a role-player and GM as well as revealing an indescribable awe hidden in the nature of the universe and the beauty of a game system that is both elegant and complex. There is a pervasiveness to Shadowrun that extends out from the game and into reality, that once open to it is nothing short of Lovecraftian in its horror and Pythonian in its comedy. After moving a bee off a sidewalk with a friend of mine, she expressed how we have opened ourselves up and helped the spirit of the bees. I yelled in terror, "I'll have none of that! Bee Spirits! Ahh! The horror, I'll have nothing to do with your Bug spirits, that way lies madness!" after which I insanely digressed into a thirty minute rant about the years leading up to 2055. Comedy and horror, comedy and horror.

I'd have to say, Shadowrun is the greatest game that I've ever GM'ed and rarely been a PC of.