The ITA Podcast

The Impromptu Touch Attack (ITA) game group, who are nestled in the warm entangle-enspelled Northern California wine country, have been playing various role-playing games together since the early 2000s.

We hope to bring to you an entertaining podcast of our one-going adventures in several different campaigns and that if we end up failing to enrich the rpg culture with our styles and insights in playing the games we love then hopefully you find humor in our attempts.

The Podcasts

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Clear the path!

Episode 90 (SC)

The fight against the Plague Rats continues (as well as the beta-testing of Shadowrun rules in the Forgotten Realms)!

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Episode 89 (SC)

Our adventuers continue their assault against the Plague Rats theives guild in Undermountain!

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Let's all just get outta here.

Episode 88 (SC)

Our adventurers return to Waterdeep from their Undermountain exploration!

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Didn't have to be this way.

Episode 87 (SC)

Below Waterdeep, in the Undermountain, our adventurers have their first encounter with the Plague Rats thieves guild!

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That's our shadowy horror

Episode 86 (SC)

The Mystics continue exploring Undermountain while making friends and enemies!

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We might have stumbled upon something that nobody has found!

Episode 85 (SC)

In preparation for an upcoming job, some of the Mystics delve into Undermountain!

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We all have our baggage, let's just move on.

Episode 84 (SC)

Back in Waterdeep, members of the Mystics attend another infamous "Tuna Party!"

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The B-Team

Episode 83 (S)

All that's left is for the runners to escape the Redmond Barrens, meet the Johnson, and collect their pay!

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To ashes we return!

Episode 82 (SC)

After their encounter with the hobgoblins, the party returns to the wild elf king!

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Take Me!

Episode 81 (SC)

The tense climax of the wild elf king's task; battle with cliffside hobgoblins!

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Anybody got rope?

Episode 80 (SC)

Tasked with a quest by the wild elf King of the Laughing Hallow, the Sword Coast adventurers head into the Illefarn Mountains!

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Be careful where you step!

Episode 79 (SC)

The adventurers approach the Laughing Hallow in the shadow of Mount Illefarn in our second Sword Coast campaign episode which uses Shadowrun Rules in the Forgotten Realms Setting!

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Perhapes we could take up residency?

Episode 78 (SC)

From the town of Secomber, the adventurers head into the wilderness in our first Sword Coast campaign episode which uses Shadowrun Rules in the Forgotten Realms Setting!

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I'm not creepy.

Episode 77 (S)

A strange structure in the Redmond Barrens, could this be where the kidnapped victim the Shadowrunners are searching for is?!

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Yeah lady, chivalery's dead.

Episode 76 (S)

Deeper into the Redmond Barrens, towards the Rats' Nest, the shadowrunners continue their search for the missing ghoul!

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I do enjoy getting the rain.

Episode 75 (S)

In search of the missing ghoul, the shadowrunners make their way into the depths of the Redmond Barrens!

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I want to watch you eat a bananna.

Episode 74 (S)

After a couple of weeks of R & R, the shadowrunners get offered a new job!

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...stand down now, or I end you.

Episode 73 (S)

Pirates and Insects and Crew, oh what will the shadowrunners do with the Maersk freighter?!

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Oh, we're taking hostages? Oh, sorry.

Episode 72 (S)

Engaging the pirates on the cargo freighter, the shadowrunners nervously watch the bugs at their backs!

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We have a bug problem.

Episode 71 (S)

Infiltrating the storm-tossed cargo freigther, the shadowrunners find the situation more complicated than anticipated!

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You're asking the tweeker about bug spirts?

Episode 70 (S)

Back in Seattle, the shadowrunners take some time for some self improvement before getting offered a rush, and lucrative, job!

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I'll probably...paint him a mustache.

Episode 69 (S)

Hopping from Vegas to northern CalFree State, the shadowrunners frolic in the redwoods!

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Triple it.

Episode 68 (S)

Vegas desert thieves get chased by VTOL flying shadowrunners!

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Ah hell nah, brah!

Episode 67 (S)

Junkyard hellhounds put the fear into our shadowrunners in Chicago!

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Well, here's the deal...

Episode 66 (S)

The Shadowruners team up with a rigger with a dark past as they get sent to pay for their vehicular sins!

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Want me to drive?!

Episode 65 (S)

Chased by Humanis goons, the Shadowrunners hope they survive to get Mekajiki to his fight at the Vault in the Chicago Containment Zone!

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Between Two Shadowrun GM's

DM Episode 2 (DM)

Impromptu Touch Attack's Game Masters sit down to discuss DMing Shadowrun for the last year!

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It becomes a warm friend after a while, the hatred.

Episode 64 (S)

The shadowrunner's meet with the Atlantean Foundation, or at least their proxies, goes down!

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The soy bubbles up and invades my nightmares.

Episode 63 (S)

Finishing their Seattle shadowrun, the team then heads for Chicago to make a deal with the Atlantean Foundation!

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Kitty on the hood?

Episode 62 (S)

The shadowrunners put the peddle to the metal to protect Mr. Johnson!

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It'll go bad by Monday.

Episode 61 (S)

Always when you just want to sit and enjoy your heavily processed nutrasoy paste!

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You need a hooker?

Episode 60 (S)

Off to steal a historical artifact enroute to the University of Washington, the shadowrun is go!

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I have no problem capping gangers.

Episode 59 (S)

The runners are offered a new shadowrun, and then another, as past deeds begin to haunt them!

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We might have a new car.

Episode 58 (S)

With the runners back in Seattle, there's time for four Shadowrun vignettes!

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Clean up, aisle seven.

Episode 57 (S)

To finished a shadowrun the team just needs to meet with the neighborhood trustful Mr. Johnson!

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I got kicked out.

Episode 56 (S)

A Chicago Matrix host is proving to be most difficult as locals ask for the Shadowrunner's organs!

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I'm having a difficult time.

Episode 55 (S)

Another day, another shadowrun in Chicago's Containment Zone, it's academic (residual SR Missions S5AM2 Critic's Choice Spoilers)!

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Parley (part deux)?

Episode 54 (S)

Will the Shadowrunners survive a run so close to Chicago's Cermak Crater? (SR Missions S5AM2 Critic's Choice Spoilers)!

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Beg for your life!

Episode 53 (S)

The Shadowrunners head deep into the Chicago CZ to meet Mr. Johnson (SR Missions S5AM2 Critic's Choice Spoilers)!

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Sterilized Butter

Episode 52 (S)

The Shadowrunners get called out for another Chicago run (SR Missions S5AM2 Critic's Choice Spoilers)!

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Episode 51 (S)

The shadowrunners attempt to make their escape at Pike Place (last Splintered State spoilers episode)!

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My Love is True

Episode 50 (W)

Are the Mystics safely back in Waterdeep or trapped in nightmares constructs of the Hag Queen?

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Are you sure you wish to go down this path?

Episode 49 (W)

The Waterdeep adventurers, The Mystics, confront their oldest enemy where they are determined to succeed or die trying!

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Bad timin', man.

Episode 48 (S)

Shadowrunners simply making some quick cash on the side (Splintered State Spoilers)!

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I got my Bible.

Episode 47 (S)

Just when the shadowrunners thought they were out...(Splintered State Spoilers)!

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You have a bit of a slippy tongue.

Episode 46 (S)

Morality! Ethics! Are these words the shadowrunners understand (Splintered State Spoilers)!?

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We're bringing these prize gems to the Mistress!

Episode 45 (W)

The adventurers from Waterdeep, make their way to the heart of night hag's city!

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Anything's better than what I've been through!

Episode 44 (S)

The shadowrunners make their plans for meeting the owner of the mysterious commlink (Splintered State Spoilers)!

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That's how a cyberspike is supposed to work, man!

Episode 43 (S)

With the shadowrunner team split, combat with the feral transhumanists continues (Splintered State Spoilers)!

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Don't compromise your self.

Episode 42 (S)

Contacts are contacted, calls are made, and the mysterious commlink rings (Splintered State Spoilers)!

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We're going after a pimp.

Episode 41 (S)

Back in the Seattle shadows, the shadowrunners are offered a milk run (Splintered State Spoilers)!

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A simple yes would have sufficed.

Episode 40 (S)

With the data downloaded, the shadowrunners focus on the next Chicago objective (SR Missions S5M1 Spoilers)!

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Did I miss anything?

Episode 39 (S)

The shadowrunners hold down the laboratory as they hack the data (SR Missions S5M1 Spoilers)!

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This is control! Detonation will occur in 15 minutes!

Episode 38 (S)

The Shadowrunner's Chi-Town adventure continues (SR Missions S5M1 Spoilers)!

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I want to parley.

Episode 37 (S)

Goons to the left, Spirits to the right, stuck in Chicago with you (SR Missions S5M1)!

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What is this hell!?

Episode 36 (S)

The shadowrun proves to be far more difficult than expected (SR Missions S5M1)!

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Episode 35 (S)

The shadowrunners travel to Chicago for a run (SR Missions S5M1)!

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Fallopiania Taintorium & Appendicistia Clitori

Episode 34 (W)

With players home for the holiday, the Waterdeep campaign continues as the PCs hunt for more night hag masks!

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Twelve Goddamn Nuyen!

Episode 33 (S)

The shadowrunners are offered a new job as past runs begin to haunt them!

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Episode 32 (S)

The shadowrunner's second job comes to completion!

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I didn't know we paid you for small talk.

Episode 31 (S)

Deep into Puyallup Barrens and Hell's Kitchen, the shadowrunners face full auto!

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Episode 30 (5e)

ITA's 1st Dungeons & Dragon's 5th edition game, with our Leif's inaugural DMing!

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If he hasn't crapped himself, he will.

Episode 29 (S)

Just a simple easy shadowrun-jaunt to the Puyallup Barrens.

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You can be a real dick sometimes.

Episode 28 (S)

To spurn your Johnson or not to spurn?

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I should just off him.

Episode 27 (S)

The Shadowrunners continue to hunt for their mark, will they find him, be given the slip, or eaten by ravenous packs of dzoo-no-qua!?

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Send me an emoji.

Episode 26 (S)

The Shadowrunners meet Mr. Johnson in the second Shadowrun episode!

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Don't let'em psyche you out, man.

Episode 25 (S)

The first ITA Shadowrun episode! The PCs are thrown into the thick of it as they're forced to learn the rules the hard way.

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Only people like us are crazy enough to go inside there.

Episode 24 (AG-h)

The Haradhiem adventurers escape from the ruins of Cliffcrypt and journey home!

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I swear, despite what you hear about tieflings, it's not me.

Episode 23 (W)

Assualt on a house of hags!

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Do Night Hags Get Drunk?

Episode 22 (W)

Houses, Hags, Haunts, and Hallucinations in the Outer Planes!

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Get away from her!

Episode 21 (AG-h)

The horrors of the ruins of Cliffcrypt cause our adventurers to fight for their lives!

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PC 1. Worst case, when we're all in the convalescent home...

Episode 20 (W)

Phil and Logan sit down for a holiday episode to discuss their characters, campaigns, and other topics.

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Well, THEY don't have the deed.

Episode 19 (AG-h)

In the ruins of Cliffcrypt, the party ponders dwarven texts and delves deeper into the dungeon!

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Half-hour Turkey

Episode 18 (AG-h)

A special holiday episode of random background information about the Agrros Guleth campaign.

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Now, sir!?

Episode 17 (AG-h)

More secrets of the ruins of Cliffcrypt revealed while its denizens continue to confront the adventurers!

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Well, you never know what it was enhancing.

Episode 16 (AG-h)

Exploration of the ruins of Cliffcrypt continues; someone nearly dies and some of the history of the site is revealed!

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Something's metallic and coming this way...and it's not Sadiri.

Episode 15 (AG-h)

Into the ruins of Cliffcrypt! The humans of the Agrros Guleth campaign begin a dungeoncrawl!

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Like an actual storm? Or a metaphorical storm?

Episode 14 (W)

Climatic Events in the town of Death of Innocence! Will the Forgotten Realms mystics earn their mythic boon from the goddess of beauty or will they be crushed and clawed and gnawed upon?!

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The powers of evil tend to be weakest in the morning.

Episode 13 (AG-h)

Heading for the ruins of Cliffcrypt, half the Agrros Guleth human party gets drunk, hangovers hurt, dangerous encounters, and an in-joke explained!

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Kill it if it comes any closer! The musical.

Episode 12 (AG-h)

The Agrros Guleth humans travel further into orcish territory and decide things!

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May Death enjoy the show.

Episode 11 (W)

The Waterdeep campaign continues! After returing the lost acolytes, the Mystics head to the northern logging camp to hunt worgs and their infernal leader!

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You could act as the bait, that's true.

Episode 10 (AG-h)

The Agrros Guleth human campaign continues as the PCs travel deeper into orcish territory!

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The bosom shall be mine!

Episode 9 (AG-h)

The first Agrros Guleth human campaign episodes, where our heroes travel past the human lands into tribal orc and goblin territory to determine if war will come to the Western Marches!

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You are a mistake!

Episode 8 (W)

The battle with the mythic medusa from last episode continues! Will our heroes survive? Will they be turned to stone and dominated...some more? Or will a player's mistake threaten to doom them all before the medusa can even react?

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Nope. He's doomed.

Episode 7 (W)

Celebration in the town of Death of Innocence and afterwards, our heroes seek out the lost acolytes of the nature god, Silvanus, in the woods south of town where death and doom awaits.

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Previous episodes use the older name of the podcast, "Inappropriate Touch Attack", and while changes have been made to the site, the episodes themselves still use them in reference to the podcast. The campaigns are the same, only the title of the podcast differs.

Death of Innocence

Episode 6 (W)

Divine encounters in the morally desolate Gray Wastes for our Waterdhavian adventurers as well as sinking into the political layers of the town of Death of Innocence!

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Loren, it might be best if we retreat!

Episode 5 (W)

The Waterdhavian party escorts the survivors of the troll-attacked caravan but not for long. Troll battle drums in the deep of Nifelhiem give chase to our heros!

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Loren, get up, this is no time to rest.

Episode 4 (W)

In Nifelhiem, the Waterdhavian party comes across a gang of trolls and their pustule ridden hounds attacking, and eating, a caravan.

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Between Two DM's

DM Episode 1 (DM)

Impromptu Touch Attack's Dungeon Masters sit down to discuss DMing, their campaigns, and the nature of role-playing games.

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Why didn't you ask for a taste of her?

Episode 3 (W)

Impromptu Touch Attack's Forgotten Realms campaign is given its podcast debut. The Waterdhavian party searches the Grey Waste for Glissandra and Sonnet's adopted sister.

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I really think we should ditch the beard plan.

Episode 2 (AG-og)

The goblins and the ogre become highway robbers as they lay a trap for the bandits in order to relieve them of the estate deeds. Also, a one-side vegitable and fruit fight forms an appology of sorts.

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Is Whitey Still With Us?

Episode 1 (AG-og)

The Inaugural Impromptu Touch Attack podcast, a hybrid Pathfinder / D&D game group's game. The ogre and his goblins, or depending on who you ask, the goblins and their ogre set out to intercept bandits and the stolen manor deeds.

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