Dramatis Personæ

The following are a brief introductions to the ITA cast; which campaigns they run, and which characters they play. "AG" indicates Logan's Agrros Guleth campaign. "S" indicates the Shadowrun campaign. "W" indicates Tim's Waterdeep campaign.



F (SC):



K (SC):


Mother of Gamers

Glissandra (W): Never without her silver harp and a soft tune on her lips, seeing the good in everyone, hearing the music that surrounds, yet fiercely loyal to the ones she loves.
Moondancer (S): Elven Native American Street Shaman.


Holy Roller

The Reverend (S): Human Caucasian Physical Adept


Princess Kick-ass

Kumari (W): Five foot four flurry of flaming fists. Monk of the Sun Soul and Warrior of Light. Glorified Babysitter of Overly-emotional paladins.
Zoki (AG): Duchess of the Darkness, Queen of Scorpions, Harbinger of Gloom, Mistress of Shadow, and bat-shit crazy.



PC: Description



Mira Willow (S): Human Caucasian Rigger


Unusually quiet, usually

Den'gor (AG): Ogre monk. Strong. Intimidating. Long arms. Fists.
Mekajiki (S): Ork Japanese Street Samurai who is also a poet and his work is at Mekajiki's Haikus.
Mikhael (W): Spaced-out sorcerer seeking silent solace from his psionic subjugators in the stars, while strangely speaking of the specters supplied by his second sight.n


The Dark and Full of Terrors.

GM for the Agrros Guleth Pathfinder/D&D hybrid game and Shadowrun
Norok (W): Sutddering wizard alchemist linguist with an evil impish crow familiar.
Relmik (W): Dashing young rogue who died and then got the chance to immatate the Dread Pirate Robbers.
Wathkif (AG, party NPC): "Everything and everyone is here to protect goblinkind, so says Iegarut."
Will Love (S): Black magic gambling CAS Ex-pat human with a streak of bad luck.


Let's get physical, physical...

FarshGok (AG): FarshGok is cumpulsive, absentminded, combative, and a thrill seeker. He is small and wiry, even by goblin standards, but otherwise normal in description.
Loren (W): The Outstanding!
Piter (S): Human German Technomancer.


The Terribly Tangental Troubadour of Tacky Tunes

GM for the Waterdeep Pathfinder game and Shadowrun
Coda (S): Elven British Gunsligner Adept.
Krewkle (AG): Goblin Alchemist. Devoted brother, über-genius, sociopathic pyrophile.
Phacia (W, party NPC): Spunky air genasi pistoleer. Ex-pirate and salty-tongued sailor. Sonnet's friend and bodyguard.
Sonnet (W, party NPC): Bard and master musician. Suave, handsome, and a snazzy dresser. Twin brother of Glissandra and son of the Arch-Chaosmage Aurora.