Like an actual storm? Or a metaphorical storm?

Episode 14 (W)

Climatic Events in the town of Death of Innocence! Will the Forgotten Realms mystics earn their mythic boon from the goddess of beauty or will they be crushed and clawed and gnawed upon?!

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Intro Music: "Sitar" by internetfilm from Free SFX. Sampled Background Music: "Requiem Father Kolbe" by Wojciech Kilar. "Lucrezia Donati" and "Da Vinci's Demons End Credits" by Bear McCreary from Da Vinci's Demons. "Around the Fire", "Shadows and Echoes", and "Unbroken Road" from TES V Skyrim Soundtrack. "Eyze Sheleg" by Eric Whitacre from Five Hebrew Love Songs. "Anumati" by E.S. Posthumus from Makara album.