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Metagaming: From the Greek "Meta," meaning "along with, beyond, among, or behind" and verbalization of Game, the act of playing a game.

While there has been much to do about the pitfalls and dangers of metagaming, when used to describe a style of playing, metagaming can mean something altogether different. Metagaming is also the act of thinking, talking and writing about role-playing games on a plane removed from that of the Prime Material, where the game is actually played, to one where the mental activities of the gamers centers on the structure of the game itself; how it's played, whether it be discussions on rules, realism, physical location of play, or anything else that deals with the game outside of the actual playing itself.

Presented here are articles and essays on metagaming as defined above.

Response to "Mastering the Game: Starting a New Campaign, part 5" in Dungeon 118